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Entrepreneurs should know their "Vision Founder Fit"

Ray J. Green, founder, Repeatable Revenue

The Grand Canyon Times reports on Ray Green's recent presentation to our Freedom Circle Men's Community...

The key to building a small business is first defining your “Vision Founder Fit,” according to Ray J. Green, founder of Repeatable Revenue.
"Before you start building anything, ask yourself what your end goal is for your business,” Green told members of the Freedom Circle, a men’s community run by Sedona, AZ-based CEO and coach, Curt Mercadante.
“This is what I call the Vision Founder Fit process,” continued Green. “You need to determine what you want your business to deliver — location independence, millions in revenue, or simply being a solopreneur.”

Green’s company, Repeatable Revenue, helps entrepreneurs productize, market, sell, and scale with repeatable systems, and offers an Online Client Acquisition System Course and an Executive Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs.

The Freedom Circle is designed to help driven men cultivate their lives of flow, fulfillment, and freedom. Click here to learn more.

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