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12 ways to cultivate your health in 2023


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"When we start to introduce certain super foods, it's like we start healing very fast, and we start healing and feeding the organs, and the brain, right, because each organ needs food. We don't really look at food that way. We go, 'Oh, I'll just eat some celery, or I ate carrot, or I ate a piece of chicken,' or whatever it may be. The thing is, is certain foods are going to heal certain parts of the body." — Matt Roeske, founder, Cultivate Elevate

Today on the Freedom Media Network, we re-aired the most-downloaded episode of 2023 — our interview with Matt Roeske, co-founder of Cultivate Elevate, for a discussion of twelve simple ways we can immediately cultivate better health.

Cultivate Elevate provides USDA organic mushroom powder and mixes, Ginkgo Biloba, Shilajit, and other powerful products designed to return balance to the body and earth.

In order to maintain quality, Cultivate Elevate works with USDA organic farms that grow in small batches. All of their mushrooms and minerals are lab tested for pesticides such as glyphosate, and heavy metals.

Among the ways to cultivate your health, Curt and Matt discuss:

  • Mitigating the effects of EMF radiation through simple steps like turning off your WiFi router at night, using airplane mode on your phone, and consuming Shilajit and 6 Mix Mushroom Powder.

  • The power of getting daily direct sunlight and sungazing, especially in the morning.

  • Swapping for DuckDuckGo as your default search engine.

  • The importance of barefoot grounding in nature.

  • Watching out for foods and supplements that contain heavy metals.

  • Getting rid of toxic fragrances (in perfumes and detergents) and instead using essential oils.

  • Utilizing incandescent light bulbs instead of LED light bulbs.

  • Consuming healthy fats such as tallow or grass-fed butter instead of rancid vegetable or seed oils.

  • Wearing linen/wool clothing instead of plastic/polyester clothing due to production of the excess static electricity charges.

  • Avoiding heavy metal detox by utilizing cast iron or stainless steel pans instead of teflon.

  • Consuming organic foods and superfoods instead of artificial supplements.

  • Replacing table salt with sea salt.

Key quotes from this episode:

  • "Radiation is very harmful, because if it's exposed for maybe a second, it's not a big deal, but the problem with like you just described like a wifi router, it's pinging and every one millisecond, 24/7/365. The entire time it's turned on, and it's pinging at usually 2.4-gigahertz, which is the exact same frequency as a microwave."

  • "When we really look at it, when we start to introduce certain super foods, it's like we start healing very fast, and we start healing and feeding the organs, and the brain, right, because each organ needs food."

  • "So, we're constantly bombarded with cell phones, radiation, these technologies, electricity, etc. Six Mix (mushroom powder) was formulated for that reason because I put that blend together so that it would heal and restore the body on the cellular level."

  • "Ginkgo is really nice because they've done studies where the ginkgo will actually pull aluminum from the brain. And since we're constantly bombarded all the time with aluminum that's in our public water supply and a whole bunch of other for ailments, that ginkgo will help pull that out and help increase the circulation to the brain."

  • "I think we really need to pay attention to our salt. If you ever see the modern salt, table salt, or any of that steer clear of any type of salt like that, reason being is that salt is bleached. They use different chlorides, they use bromides, they put fluoride in it, which is just crazy. They also put talc, which is a form of asbestos."

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