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Johnson: "Your time"

Writer/entrepreneur Mike Johnson at his cabin in Cody, Wyoming

The Equality State News reports on writer/entrepreneur Mike Johnson's recent workshop in our Freedom Circle Men's Community...

In an uncertain economy, there are key questions you should ask yourself to be better prepared for the future, said Cody, Wyoming-based entrepreneur and journalist Mike Johnson.
“Look at a good definition of your wealth. It's not just money, and not just digits. It's not just dollars, it's not just stuff, it's time,” Johnson told members of the Freedom Circle men’s community. “How can you sort your life so you can have more time?”
“Are you going to spend more time with your family?” Johnson asked. “How can you connect with your God better? How can you increase your freedom with what you have now? How can you make yourself more self-sufficient?”
Johnson continued, “What if the job goes away tomorrow; what are you going to do? What skills could you gain? Maybe you already have a skill that you don't use in your job that would generate income in a grid-down scenario or a bad scenario or a job loss scenario.”

Read the full article here.

Johnson is a writer, entrepreneur, and former journalist. His Web site says he has been “social distancing since 1957” and that he “learned how to retire early and does his best to help others escape the employment wheel.”

The Freedom Circle is designed to help driven men cultivate their lives of flow, fulfillment, and freedom. Click here to learn more.

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