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The health benefits of cold exposure and ice baths


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What are the health benefits of ice baths?

We asked international health influencer Troy Casey, also known as the "Certified Health Nut."

Start with your toes, then your hands and work up. The spine, your organs and the genitals is when, you know, the rubber meets the road.

"How do you urge people to get started if they're like, 'I'm terrified of getting in the cold water?" Freedom Media Network founder Curt Mercadante asked Casey.

"A cold shower is enough, especially in the winter," said Casey. "You can acclimate yourself. If you're a man, just start doing cold only showers when you get out of the covers in the morning and then start with your toes, then your hands, and work up."

"The spine, your organs and the genitals is when the rubber meets the road," he added. "But acclimate yourself. But there's also, all your meridians are here in your wrist, they're down at your ankles, get behind your knees. Warm up your feet kind of thing, get used to it. Because once you get past the initial shock, it actually feels pretty amazing, especially if you've got any inflammation. So do that first. You can also watch my breathing videos, or Wim Hof's or whatever, because it really helps to open up the capillaries and heat the body up. It really does."

Casey said it's important to be "cold-adapted" because we've become "domesticated and that's weakening people."

"So toughen up, guys," he said.

What are the benefits of cold showers and ice baths?

"Mitochondrial function," said Casey. "So you got 75 trillion cells, mitochondria is the energy centers of the cells. So if you want a full body workout, you want to lose weight, you want to get in shape, three minutes in an ice bath, three minutes in a cold shower every day, that's going to burn fat. It's going to create BAT fat, the brown adipose tissue, so you're going to be a fat-burning machine like me and Curt."

"And the breath work together with the ice baths just increases mitochondrial function like nobody's business."

Watch the discussion above.

And if you'd like to watch/listen to Curt's full discussion with Troy, you can do so below:

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