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Lincoln Logs and Richie Rich

If you’re of a certain age you played with Lincoln Logs as a child.

The toy brown logs and green roof panels allowed you to quickly assemble cabins.

It was fun to imagine yourself shrinking small enough to live inside the structures.

But as you age, you realize that to own such a cabin in real life, you’ll need some serious growth to make it happen.

Log cabins cost two times more than similar-sized homes. Even more challenging is that log homes are usually located in remote settings outside cities. This requires a long commute or work-from-home income source.

As we all know, “work” requires attention. This attention steals time from things we’d rather experience.

So we naturally start dreaming of gaining passive income so we’re free to spend ALL of our time exactly as we like.

As a ten-year-old child, I read and reread dozens of Richie Rich comic books. I know they subconsciously planted my belief that wealth without work schedules was possible.

I also played with Lincoln Logs, imaging myself living in those log cabins.

This was pre-paper routes. I was unemployed. I was living off parental charity and 25 cents a week allowance. I had no marketable skills.

Yet today, I live in the log cabin. I have passive income. I control 100% of my time. As a cherry on top, I even own my own comic book rack filled with 1960’s Richie Rich.

The 55 years in between is a blur. But the lesson is clear.

What we frequently imagine becomes our reality.

Look at your own life and I bet you find similar connections to childhood desires.

Once we connect the dots, we gain clarity and confidence in the recipe.

And start manifesting faster and larger.

“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.” – Richard Bach


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