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Silver Lining to Financial Hurricanes

When a hurricane threatens to destroy all that you own, you evacuate.

If you wait to get your cues from the media and masses, you find yourself in a gigantic traffic jam.

The shelves are bare. The gas pumps run dry. The inland hotels are filled.

The unaware mass of humanity is always too late.

This is because most people respond to events rather than anticipate them.

With a little proactive, non-mainstream research, it’s easy to see the future.

What if you knew the hurricane was coming months or years before it arrived?

Now you can sell your beachfront home or business. Transfer your wealth to other things that won’t be destroyed by the storm. Move your family to safety before the rest of the world even knows they’re in peril.

A financial hurricane is upon us. The winds are relentlessly gaining speed. But they haven’t yet knocked you off your feet. So you maintain the status quo.

Bad move. All your digits and dollars will soon be swept away. If you own nothing else to physically sustain you, your family will be swept away too.

The only way to survive the storm of inflation and dollar destruction is to evacuate the dollar immediately. You must convert your digits and dollars into something that will hold its value through the storm AND CARRY VALUE INTO THE NEW SYSTEM AFTER THE STORM.

Obviously this "something" is real goods and physical assets in your personal possession. You want them in your personal possession because as the financial system implodes, the cascade of losses will prevent others from paying what they owe YOU. If you can’t touch it, you don’t own it.

If you owe debt, your smartest play is to immediately buy one, physical-hold-in-your-hand, American Eagle, one-ounce silver coin for every $1,000 of debt you owe. These can be purchased for about $37 at any coin shop today. In the near future, as hyperinflation melts the dollar’s value more, that coin may be worth 1,000 dollars or more. But your debt was established at a fixed number of dollars that will not change. So each $37 silver coin bought today could pay off $1,000 of your debt tomorrow. Who wouldn’t like to pay off their debt at 3.7 cents on the dollar? The more coins you buy today, the more your “gain” after the storm passes tomorrow.

If you don’t owe debt, your existing and promised dollars and digits will soon be worthless anyway. So you want to convert them to a home filled with enough food and supplies to keep you alive for as many months as you can afford. Imagine no stores or financial system for months. You’ll still want silver coins to trade for things you'll need. Silver is cheaper than gold and its percentage of increased value will far surpass gold. Both have been used as money for 4,000 years. They are proven financial lifeboats.

The hurricane is here. Like water at the supermarket, physical silver (and gold) are in low supply because more people are stocking up. Fortunately, the prices are still severly manipulated lower so the elites and their buddies can cheaply stuff their already-full treasure rooms right to the bitter end.

Wait much longer and like the unaware masses, you’ll be too late.


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