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The thing about evil...

In the movie “Independence Day,” the president stood face-to-face with an alien who was destroying the earth.

“Can we coexist? Can there be a peace? ”

The alien telepathically took over the presidents brain and said “No Peace.”

“What do you want us to do?”

“DIE,” said the alien.

At that moment, the president finally saw the uncompromising evil he was up against.

It was us or them. That clarity made his next action obvious.

“Nuke the bastards.”


Evil always gets a head start because normal people do not think like evil people. Normal people give evil people the benefit of the doubt.

If evil people do something bad, normal people tend to think they are still trying their best.

Perhaps they just had a bad moment. Perhaps they lack some critical information. Perhaps they just made an honest mistake.

Nope. They did it on purpose, with forethought and purposeful malice and destruction. They get off by destroying the vulnerable and naive while manipulating every situation to benefit only themselves.

They have no conscience. No morality. No respect for any rule or law. No empathy. They will do absolutely anything to anyone, to get what they desire.

Normal people do not think like that so cannot conceive of others doing it.

Evil people know normal people give them too much latitude. So they use our good hearts against us. And cover their evil with a smile and lies.

Lies cost evil people nothing, but when believed, cost normal people everything.

Like child molesters are attracted to schools, evil people are attracted to power. This is why so much evil is found among leaders. They can multiply their gain and destruction by the powers of title and position and authority.

It’s easy to hide their evil because normal people don’t want to see it. When evil people accidentally expose their evil, we refuse to believe it. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Look for other excuses to explain it.

Evil smirks, laughs at our innocent trust and decides they can get away with even worse.

The only way to defeat evil is to SEE IT CLEARLY. Then it becomes obvious that evil must be immediately stopped and immediately removed.

Normal people have not expanded their brain enough to conceive the possibility that pure evil actually exists.

Until we conceive it possible, we cannot see it.

Evil knows this and has taken over global authority before we figured it out.

Nothing makes sense about today’s cascading turmoils until we realize there is an organized, evil cabal destroying us on purpose.

Fortunately, there are billions of us and only thousands of them.

Will we awaken in time?


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