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FREEDOM FRIDAY: From ego victimhood to ego alignment

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"Your ego can make you think everything is a roller coaster, because it wants to keep you “safe.”It wants to protect you. Even if “protecting” you means (quickly or slowly) killing you by inducing your death grip that keeps you in a constant state of fight/flight, stress, anxiety, “blah,” and unfulfillment." — Curt Mercadante

Your ego is well-acquainted with your limiting beliefs and, if the ego is left unchecked, will use those beliefs to beat the crap out of you...

This isn’t to say the ego is “bad.”

And your ego certainly isn’t your “enemy.”

But when we go through life unconscious and unaware, and don’t do the necessary work to bring our ego into alignment as an ally…

And if we then don't do the necessary work of identifying, clearing, and cleaning our limiting beliefs…

The ego will abuse us with our own beliefs.

How can we go from "ego victimhood" to "ego alignment"?

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