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FREEDOM FRIDAY: Effortlessly spreading like weeds and water

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"What if you decided to start growing without asking for permission; to protect your inner essence with thorns or a moat so you’re bulletproof; to deal with what is and not allow your emotions to block your forward flow; to adapt and find a way to grow unstoppable and overwhelmingly no matter what the world throws at you?" — Curt Mercadante

Those weeds in your yard might frustrate you, but there’s a whole helluva lot you can learn from them in terms of effortless flow.

On this podcast previously, we’ve discussed the power of water and what H2O can teach us about getting in a state of Wu-Wei (effortless flow).

Earlier this week on the show, we interviewed marketing legend Stu Heinecke, author of the new book, Grow Your Business Like a Weed. As Stu outlined the various ways we can learn about growth from weeds, I couldn’t help but think that weeds behave an awful lot like water.

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