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The power of the "Zero State"


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Dr. Joe Vitale is author of the books, Zero Limits and At Zero, which are about clearing in order to get to the "Zero State."

What, exactly, is the "Zero State?"

"Zero is the power source. Zero is the field of all possibilities. Zero is the place where you can create without restriction, where you can receive inspiration that can dazzle you."

He continued, "Zero is what Deepak Chopra has called the field of all possibilities. It is the energy vortex where everything arises."

"We as individual human beings are going through life, in every moment we are traditionally responding unconsciously to life," he said. "What that means is, we're responding with built in programs that we already have in our mind. Dr. Hew Len used to say that in every moment, you're either coming from inspiration or you're coming from memory. Memory, in Dr. Hew Len's terminology, was referring to our previously hardwired programs."

Those programs are a result of our programming since birth.

"Some of which we were born with, some of which we downloaded and acquired over time before we had any conscious awareness," he explained. "In many ways we're walking robots, unconsciously reacting to life, not really knowing why we react. We have a little bit of conscious awareness, but not enough conscious awareness to know that what's really running our ship is down below decks in the subconscious and unconscious mind."

"The work of Ho'oponopono, the work of Dr. Hew Len, a lot of the work that I do these days, is all about helping myself and others erase the programs that are between us and zero."

"Zero, another way to look at it is zero is divinity. It's trying to reach us. And then it's going through layers and layers of the software of the mind. Zero and zero limits is the goal, but we have some work to do to get there."

You can get Dr. Joe's book, Zero Limits, here:

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