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The entrepreneur mindset shift


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Curt Mercadante interviews Robert Peterson, author of the new book, The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift: Growth Characteristics of Success.

Robert also is the host of the Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs Podcast and co-founder of Add Value 2 Life Coaching. He helps entrepreneurs shift their mindset and reach their dreams.

Robert started out in Christian Ministry as a church planter, pastor, and mentor. He began his own entrepreneurial journey after 20 years in ministry and aimed to help individuals use the tools he’d gathered.

With over 20 years of coaching leaders, Robert offers a unique perspective guiding professionals to get out of their own way as he helps them see what is written on the instructions outside the box that they’re sitting in.



"95% of the decisions You make, 95% of the thoughts that you have are made in your subconscious. part of that's keeping you alive. Right? Your heart beating your breathing, all of those things that are necessary to keep you alive. But the other part, it's based on programming most likely that was planted by people of authority in your life, your parents, your your teachers, your these ideas about money. These ideas about yourself, these ideas about the world and how the world works, all of these, These ideas…quick example, when you get an idea, right you get a million-dollar idea or the idea that you could double your income. And the first thing, your brain says is “you? How could you do that?” Right? And the Brain challenges that idea and the brain’s like no,no, no."


"We're setting students up to be prepared for you go to work, you get paid, go to work, You get paid, go to school, you get grades, go to school, You get grades, go to work, Get paid. And once we set everybody up in this, in this system, that's kind of where they end up, right? I go to my job. I get off work. I go have a beer. I eat dinner with the family, I go to bed. I wake up, I do breakfast, I go to work, you know, and we've created this mindless army of industrial employees."
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