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FREEDOM FRIDAY: The world’s best list of limiting beliefs

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There are so many people in this world who are dumber and less skilled than you...

Who also are...

More prosperous than you...

Healthier than you...

Or in stronger relationships than you.

And for the vast majority of people, luck had nothing to do with their success.

So, what's the difference between them and you?

They didn't "get the memo" about how dumb and less skilled they were...

While your subconscious limiting beliefs blocked your path.

Now, you might be thinking...

"Well, Curt, that's a bunch of woo-woo, law-of-attraction, bullsh*t."

And if that's what you believe, then you're absolutely correct — because you aren't your beliefs, but you do become what you believe.

Which is exactly why your beliefs determine whether you attract what you want in life, or whether you attract what you don't want in life.


In our Freedom Circle virtual men's community last week, we welcomed mega-bestselling author Randy Gage for a prosperity workshop. Randy is a multiple-time New York Times bestselling author and a member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame and the Direct Selling Hall of Fame. He went from addict and gunshot victim to multi-millionaire, and is one of my favorite sharers of wisdom on the topic of prosperity.

I asked Randy what he would say to someone who does all the "skills and tactics" correctly but still doesn't attain the prosperity they desire.

"I think the problem is people think it's about tactics and skills, but it's not about tactics and skills," he replied. "When somebody comes to me, and their prosperity is blocked, there's two really big issues that I just see over and over and over."
"It's either, they're holding on to something they should be releasing, or it's a worthiness issue. They have subconscious subliminal programming, and they don't think they're worthy. So they, unconsciously, subconsciously, self sabotage themselves."

Randy explained that he's seen people blow up relationships, find ways to get fired from their job, or destroy their businesses, all because of these underlying limiting beliefs.

"They're doing it because they have this subliminal program that says, money is bad, or rich people are evil, or you're not supposed to be happy in this lifetime, you should only be happy in the afterlife," he explained.
"They could do all the strategies, all the tactics in the world, and each time the tactic takes them closer to where they want to be, but then they blow it up. And then they say, OK, so something was wrong with the tactic."

"No, it wasn't something wrong with the tactic," he added.

The problem was the limiting beliefs that caused the person to self-sabotage.

"So many people, that as soon as they start to become healthy, happy, and prosperous, their worthiness issue kicks in," he said. "And so they sabotage and and they have no idea why they sabotage it."

Below the Surface

The reason people have no idea why they sabotage their success is that the limiting beliefs fueling the self-sabotage reside in their subconscious.

The subconscious is below the surface.

Think of an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the small part of the iceberg above the water. But the subconscious is the 95% of your mind that is below the surface.

Imagine that — 95%.

It's where your beliefs are stored, and these beliefs have been programmed since you were born. It's an amazing supercomputer with decades of programming.

So when your conscious mind needs to make a decision, it dips into your subconscious hard drive and pulls up a bit of your program. If you haven't cleared and cleaned the hard drive of your limiting beliefs, it will pull up damaging programs.

The List of Limiting Beliefs

Here we share the list of limiting beliefs we've assembled, tested, and curated. As you read these, you might think none apply to you — or you might think the wrong ones apply to you.

That's normal.

It's because you've never truly aligned your conscious and subconscious minds. This is why we work with our clients to help them communicate with their subconscious and identify, clear and clean their limiting beliefs.

If you'd like help doing that, you can book a call with me here.

First, we've identified five categories of limiting beliefs:

  • Yourself

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Work

  • Money

And within each category, we've identified 9-15 limiting beliefs...


  1. I am not enough

  2. I’m not worthy

  3. I am too old

  4. I’m too young

  5. I am not good looking enough

  6. I am not smart enough

  7. No one will listen to me/what I have to say

  8. I always fail, what’s the point in trying

  9. I have no idea who I am

  10. I’m lazy

  11. I’m not smart enough

  12. I’m not creative enough

  13. I’m too shy

  14. Change is too hard

  15. Bad things always happen to me


  1. I’m not thin enough

  2. I’m not big enough

  3. I’m too fat

  4. I’m too skinny

  5. I can’t stick to my workouts

  6. I can’t stick to my diet

  7. I will never be skinny enough

  8. I’ll be happy once I lose weight

  9. I am only worth what the scale tells me

  10. I don’t have enough time to be healthy

  11. Being healthy is expensive

  12. It’s too hard

  13. What’s the point of trying to be healthy

  14. I’m not a gym goer/healthy eater, etc.


  1. I am not worthy of being loved

  2. All men/women are cheats/liars/selfish

  3. I will never find a partner

  4. I’ll be alone forever

  5. I can’t face rejection

  6. There’s no one out there for me

  7. Love only leads to heartache

  8. Relationships only cause pain

  9. I’m happy by myself


  1. I have to struggle to be successful at work

  2. This job is too hard for me

  3. I can’t just quit my job

  4. I’m terrible at this job

  5. I will never find another job

  6. I don’t have the skills that I need

  7. My coworkers are so much better then me

  8. Someone else has already done it better

  9. I’ll never be as good as them

  10. I just don’t get paid enough

  11. I’m already working my hardest

  12. My boss is too hard on me

  13. I’ll never like my job

  14. There’s nothing else I can do to make money


  1. It takes money to make money

  2. Money is the root of all evil

  3. I never have enough money

  4. I am not good with money

  5. Money causes arguments and negativity

  6. Money will bring me happiness

  7. Everything is too expensive

  8. I can’t afford to be happy

  9. Money brings out the worst in people

  10. I have to struggle to make money

  11. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

  12. Money is a limited resource

  13. I can be "rich OR happy" / "rich OR healthy"

  14. You’re selfish if you want to make a lot of money

Awareness — Then Clearing

The key here is learning to communicate with your subconscious so that you can identify which belief or beliefs are providing resistance to attracting what you want.

Once you become aware of the beliefs, you don't want to "marinate" in them.

You don't want to talk about them ad nauseam and reinforce them.

You want to become aware of them, and work swiftly to clear and clean them.

There are several tools we teach our clients to identify and then clear and clean them (and, no, it's not just hollow positive affirmations and self-talk).

These tools are designed to help you move the negative energy out of your body, and they are unique and probably different than anything you've tried before.

But, as a client told me last week, "I don’t think I’ve ever been at a point in my life where I am more open to learn than right now."

If the same things you've been doing and trying aren't leading to different results, it's because your underlying beliefs are fueling thoughts and actions that are leading you to the results you don't want.

So if you're ready and open to learn how I can help you dissolve the limiting beliefs that are blocking your life of joy, fulfillment, and freedom, let's get on a call and chat.

Because, remember...

You are not your beliefs...

But you do become what you believe.


Curt Mercadante helps driven men free themselves from the limiting beliefs and stress that block their joy, fulfillment, and freedom. Click here to get access to our FREE Freedom Lifestyle Audio Course.

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