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The Health & Longevity Experience


Virtual or Live in Sedona, Arizona


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The Health & Longevity Experience

Would you like to tap into your powerful inner healing energy to cultivate true physical health?

We have gathered ​top experts, healers, and coaches and will curate a Health & Longevity Experience for you that can be enjoyed virtually or in-person in the healing vortex of Sedona, Arizona.

Based on your timing, budget, and unique needs and desires, your experience can include all or some of the below:

  • Holographic Field Scanning on your specific health challenges

  • Personalized Subconscious Healing Method session 

  • Ho'oponopono session for health healing

  • BioCharger/meditation session(s) addressing your health challenges

  • Personal Breathing Biofeedback Assessment & Training with seasoned breathing coach 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation 

  • Acupuncture session(s)

  • Biofield Assessment  & Wellness Coaching Session

  • Tech Assisted Meditation: Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Training

  • Access to our Freedom Circle Private Membership Group, including our Health & Longevity Mastermind!

These experiences can be enjoyed virtually on your timeline, or in-person for 2-or-3-day or week-long experiences. We can curate the experience for couples and groups, as well — and provide recommendations on accomodations, tours, and other fun experiences while you're here in Sedona, Arizona.

​To learn more, please schedule a personal call with Curt Mercadante:

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