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Cultivate Elevate

USDA Organic, Mushroom Powders, Ginkgo Biloba, Shilajit

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About Cultivate Elevate

Cultivate Elevate (co-founder Matt Roeske, pictured above) was created in January of 2020. Prior to creating the company the founders suffered from many issues related to allergies, health issues, weight gain, anxiety, and much more. As they began our journey towards better health they began to switch out what they were currently eating with entirely organic foods, but still felt that something was missing. 

The company researched over 1000’s of vitamins and herbal remedies to advance our health, but still felt the problems we faced weren’t being fixed. That is when they discovered mushrooms and the power of these little tiny fungi. As they started incorporating different types of mushrooms into our diet we noticed it lessened the needs of traditional vitamins and supplements. As they dug deeper they learned about people curbing addictions with mushrooms, resolving ahlzheimer’s with mushrooms, and much more. Mushrooms were used in holistic medicine for the past centuries, but we never knew much about their magical healing properties.

Cultivate Elevate created their company to restore purity and homeostasis. We are bombarded from toxic chemicals in our cosmetics, foods, air, water, soil, and are in desperate need of a remedy. This is where mushrooms can help save humanity. By providing up to a billion enzymes, mushrooms will be at the forefront of healing in the next coming decade. 

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