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Why you should use copper tools for a healthier garden

You may not realize it, but your iron gardening tools might actually be working against a healthy garden.

In a recent interview on The Terrain Theory podcast, Matt Roeske, co-founder of Cultivate Elevate, said that iron tools “work against the magnetism of the earth to go into the soil.”

“So it makes it very challenging to work with,” he said. “And then you gotta work two times harder on yield, half the amount of food.”


Roeske explained that the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFS) from cell phone towers and antennas are impacting our soil and “decimating” the magnetism of the earth.

“So it starts to deaden the soil,” he said. “And when we use iron tools and we place them into the soil, we (further) decimate the magnetism of the soil.”

Roeske pointed to the writings of Viktor Schauberger, an early-21st century forester, naturalist, and inventor who was a proponent of copper tools to cultivate the soil.

“He proposed in the 1940s that people should be using copper tools and he created a copper bio plow, which is really cool,” explained Roeske. “And he noticed that when he was using these copper tools, his food was growing like crazy.”

Roeske asserts that Schauberger’s copper tools were rejected because of the financial power of the chemical and fertilizer companies.

“His work was pretty much all decimated,” said Roeske. “So a lot of his information was all pretty much thrown away. And sadly when he came to America and tried to present it here, they actually (bought and) scrapped all of his patents.”

“But it's just crazy because when you look at all of this, you know, we could be yielding so much food and that's what they were doing back in the day. They understood the magnetism of the earth. And if you harness it, you can grow an abundant amount of food without using anything but the energy that's all around us.”

Schauberger was also a proponent of “electroculture,” which involves harnessing the earth’s energy to grow more abundant plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Roeske joined the Freedom Media Network recently for a broader of discussion of electro culture, which you can check out here.

“What electroculture is, it's basically harnessing the earth's energy that's all around us, the ether, the orgone, the chi, the prana, everything that's all around us that we are just can't see,” Roeske said on that episode. “What you're doing is you're taking a piece of wood with copper or brass, and you're taking that and you're putting it into the ground and you're creating an ether antenna, and that ether antenna is going to pick up the frequencies that are all around and help increase the magnetism and the sap, the blood of the plant."

Learn more about Roeske's company, Cultivate Elevate, here.

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