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Why is LinkedIn the best social media platform for personal branding?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, many social media platforms from which to choose.

So why is LinkedIn the best social platform for personal branding?

“First of all, because it's the biggest international networking and business platform,” said Dr. Natalia Wiechowski, personal branding expert and author of the new book, Personal Branding with LinkedIn: The Think Natalia Method. “So people go there to do business, generate leads, network, build their personal brand, learn about industry trends, whatever. It's the biggest and everybody knows that. So people over there are in a, let's say, better mindset than people who use Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.”

Wiechowski joined Freedom Media Network founder Curt Mercadante for a discussion of her book. She explained how she used the “other” social media networks.

“You would rather use Twitter to maybe get some frustration out of your system, to put it in an eloquent way. And I use Instagram to check out different cities, especially when I'm traveling. Like what are the beautiful places where I need to go,” she explained. “And I use Facebook to see what's new with my family and friends. So this is a different mindset.”

She said that people on LinkedIn are already in a business mindset, unlike the other platforms.

“Then LinkedIn is the only platform where you can build a network of up to 30,000 connections,” she added. “I mean, on Facebook, you can have 5,000 friends. So if you think business development, if you think lead gen, if you think PR, pretty awesome. And also, the way you can use filters, even the premium version, to find the person that you are looking for in the right city, with that title, maybe who went to this school, insane. It's not possible to find that or to do that this way on any other social media platform.”

Wiechowski also highlighted the ability to get organic reach for LinkedIn content.

“The organic reach is still good. It was amazing two or three years ago. It was nuts,” she said. “But in comparison to, for example, Facebook, like if I compare my Facebook page with my LinkedIn, two different pair of shoes. So the organic reach on LinkedIn is still relatively good, especially when you post really value-adding content. And LinkedIn is also a platform where people really want to have debates and discussions without being so emotionally loaded, or without being so vulgar, like on some other platforms.”

Watch her full discussion with Mercadante by clicking here.

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