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It's just a higher order of logic. When you start to work with the metaphysical and engage the subtle energies, once you work with your own subtle energy system and consciousness, it really is a conspiracy for your bliss." — Dr. Alison J. Kay

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Curt Mercadante interviews Dr. Alison J Kay, an Award Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author and the Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System.

Dr. Kay has secrets no one else uses to upgrade, inspire & disrupt old paradigms within her community & the collective. She is an experienced subtle energies practitioner and natural healer with a holistic approach towards helping others thrive in mind, body and spirit. This is reinforced by her ten years in Asia studying subtle energies & ancient wisdom. With 20+ years working in & teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, MindBody Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health with a specialized focus on the Chakra System, Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that facilitates massive change.


[00:00:00] Curt Mercadante: Well, Dr. Alison, thank you so much for joining us here on the freedom media network.

[00:00:06] Dr. Alison J. Kay: happy to be here. We got a lot to talk about. Yes, absolutely. Um, the, uh, we, we were talking a lot before we recorded. I actually did a podcast once and we were talking and we, and I said some things that maybe I wouldn't normally say on the air and he's like, oh, we've been recording for the last, like 10 minutes.

[00:00:23] I was like, whoa, I don't really care. But you know, um, well, thank you so much for joining us. Yeah, I'm happy to be here. I liked what you said about what you're also aligned with. So I'd love to jump in because I find like so many people in their awakening, uh, whether it was a two 16 group or it was like the masses.

[00:00:42] When I say group, I don't mean to say some exclusive group listeners, like there's been masses of people. Um, in like in 2012, there was in 2014, there was 2016, there was in 19 and then through COVID. And so where we're at now, there's so many people [00:01:00] awakened to life beyond the physical, which is what I've been working with.

[00:01:03] Since I came back from my decade in Asia in 2010, it's been my whole. The tenant from traditional Chinese medicine, which is, you know, the diet based on Dallas philosophy that she gone comes from in the union and acupuncture is wherever she goes or by the life force or key. If you do Reiki or Pran, if you do yoga, wherever life force or Chico's blood fall.

[00:01:27] So it's an indirect way of implying from the St. John wisdom. What quantum physics is talked about, that where energy goes then matter follows so that the energy is more important than the matter. And where I take that nowadays is where our consciousness goes. Especially the higher we are clearer and higher vibration vibration.

[00:01:47] We are where our consciousness or focus goes, energy follows. And then the physical. Gets created. So there's a lot of people now aware of the meta physical [00:02:00] and LOA. And I feel like there's so much out there that when people approach with a normal Western eyes, what we call them Buddhism or meditation, ego mind.

[00:02:13] So it's a personality level, self attached. The mind and the intellect that part of you, um, because in yoga, I mean, yoga teach to certified in India where we end so to speak. There's a higher self, right? That's not a new concept to many people, but that's what yoga means to yoke with the divine, meaning our higher self and then the higher chakras, the divine itself.

[00:02:36] And co-create from there. So I'm saying all of this, because it seems like. If people, when they approach LOA and they haven't done enough purification work on their consciousness, their projections from our conditioning in the west, particularly in America, don't work well with the LOA. And so people come into it with expectations that may be their first dalliance [00:03:00] outside of organized religion in the metaphysical and how subtle energy actually works on the ground in day-to-day life, not just got up in the sky that I go to church and commune with their.

[00:03:11] There's so much, um, projection of expectations from our conditioning that make the LOA not work. And I was excited to see that you also have focused on that so we can kind of harsher.

[00:03:24] Curt Mercadante: Yeah, absolutely. Uh, you know, it's, it's, there's so much surface level this morning as we read. And as we record this for anyone listening or watching, we're recording this and it's, and it's, uh, you know, for Christian's good Friday, Easter weekend.

[00:03:38] And I was really delving into, and I sent an, uh, an email out. I sent a freedom Friday email, and I sent an email about, you know, regardless of your spiritual or wisdom tradition, if you look at. These this two week period right next week is Passover, uh, for Jewish people. And now is Easter. It's all about pure freedom.

[00:03:58] And what if you step back [00:04:00] instead of confusing the map with the territory and step back and looked at crucifying your. So that your true self can come out and looking at Passover, was this delivery from slavery and ease your ego. Really? The Pharaoh is, is your ego, you know? And, and it's so it's it's so it was very interesting that you brought that up and, and that, like you said, in the west, I was reading, I don't know if you're familiar with Charles Phillips.

[00:04:31] Um, you know, over a hundred years ago and he was writing what you're talking about in terms of a, the energy following the thoughts, but also the sense consciousness where if. And you mentioned LOI law of attraction, if it's just kind of on the surface, but it doesn't go below and you just think it's positive thinking.

[00:04:53] I want more money. Maybe you'll get more money, but maybe you'll get something else with it, right. That you don't want. [00:05:00]

[00:05:00] Dr. Alison J. Kay: Yeah. I love what you just said. I want to take a step back so you can see the alignment here because. Or, uh, on April 1st launched a 14 day spring immersion about rebirth and resurrection.

[00:05:11] And for the first time ever, I talked about Jesus directly on my website for the page, talking about this immersion. I know that I've done some work with the last years of Jesus, studying that from age 18 to 30, that's not included in the Bible. Uh, his mother's tomb was found is as crazy as it sounds in Pakistan.

[00:05:31] Um, there has been paintings of someone who looks just like Jesus found in like the addicts of some Tibetan monasteries. I know that where I take my, uh, where people come in to get trained in the system, I developed vibration. Uh, system to the UK in Glastonbury, which is considered the heart shock of the planet.

[00:05:50] That's William Blake wrote the poem, um, new Jerusalem as if that's the east part of me. That's the Jerusalem over here from the middle east, depending on your [00:06:00] vantage point on the planet. I have a lot of understanding. I feel like that Jesus was one of the, I say one of the greatest halos to ever walk the planet.

[00:06:08] Now I grew up Jewish and I remember around age 11 or 12, hearing the rabbi talked about. There's no way that a human can be the son of God that God doesn't come into human form. And I intuitively at like 11 or 12, it was like, Right around that same time I was after a Hebrew school car pickup bumper sticker goes by, uh, Jews for Jesus.

[00:06:31] And I was like, oh my God, that's a thing. I was excited to learn that I wasn't alone in that, that get real cognitive conscious understanding other than that's wrong. Um, so I, you know, I mean, I went into native American medicine wheel practices into my late teens and had been doing that. Moved to Asia for a decade to study that traditional, subtle energy and consciousness and traditional Chinese medicine and holistic health also went to India and became a trained as a yoga [00:07:00] teacher.

[00:07:00] So clearly I'm multicultural. And I've had like student, I remember one of my first students getting certified in vibration upgrade system. And she asked me like, does this conflict with Christ? You know, No it's healing do more that you are bringing in the light, the more aligned you are with Christ, because that's what it was all about.

[00:07:18] The light emanating from the heart. I think of him is great for forgiveness. So there's a lot of misconceptions. And even that, like meditation would have anything to do. Meditation is about how to work with the hard wiring of the mind. Also the more of the soft wiring so that you can create new neurological pathways with thoughts that serve you more, as opposed to the Glo, like you're saying, I mean, I've been teaching meditation for over 25 years.

[00:07:42] I've been doing it since 91. Um, it's not at all. Religious. And, and, and, and, and to me, I just feel like that's, I, excuse me, but in some way it's kind of ignorant. I remember, like I was on an interview in like 2012 and, and [00:08:00] interviewer use the term, is this all just with me? And I was, and I was still like, my worst culture shock was when I came back from Asia, I was like, still getting used to American culture again.

[00:08:12] And what I responded with was I just came from. A decade of being steeped in Rover off of the rest of the world, puts energy before matter, prioritizes energy over the physical proof, you can point to the opposite of what we do in the west. So to have that viewpoint at this day and age just feels ignorant.

[00:08:35] Curt Mercadante: Yeah. It, you know, I think a big part of it is, um, is, uh, tribalism and the programming of my team versus your team. And I got this team Jersey on and, you know, I even grew up in a family that was very Catholic and they said they were very tolerant, but my dad had. Uh, comments about the evangelical church and college Showtime.

[00:08:55] You know, when we said we were leaving the Catholic church, um, you know, [00:09:00] a relative said, uh, well, you just better raise those kids, Christian. And this was someone who always touted loudly while we're meeting with Muslims and we're meeting with this. And so there's a lot of tribalism that goes on and that goes back, you know, look at most of the wars, you know?

[00:09:15] And so it's, it's this. You know, Taoism, right. There is no right or wrong. There just is. And I'm right. You're wrong. This is my team. Therefore, so I think, I think a lot of it goes back to that. And when you kind of take off the team Jersey on a lot of things, right, you can step back and look at. Hmm. Okay. I see what's going on here.

[00:09:39] Dr. Alison J. Kay: I have three brothers and two of the three are into organized sports. Um, a group sport. I was just reading something from somebody, uh, recently where she said, if we use the kind of soul level group, uh, function that have the emotion [00:10:00] that goes into a sports arena towards something positive on the planet, could you imagine what the outcome would be?

[00:10:08] Or if we cared as much about. Our cultivation of ourselves as we do about like celebrity deaths or like half as much about like what happens at the Oscars, you know? Yeah. So that's ego. So I feel like, like I got asked by VoiceAmerica to do a radio show in 2011 on the mind galactic alignment on December 21st, 2012.

[00:10:30] Um, As I did. And I had anyway, without that, the bottom line is that I interviewed weekly a bunch of specialists, uh, so much so that I got well, steeped enough in it that I became a specialist on a cruise to the teaching. It's a pyramid in the Yucatan. On December 21st, 2012. And I had just been there a year before taking a client on a VIP trip and bare feet.

[00:10:52] And the ground wasn't like really electrical on December 21st, 2012. We were all in white. We came in, we got special permission to do a ceremony with a Mayan shaman right there, [00:11:00] out teaching it's a, there were TV crews and the ground was quaking like thunderbolts up into mid feet. And the TV was like, I was seen as far away from somebody who knows me in Poland.

[00:11:10] So it was, it was a big deal December 21st, 2012. Not just for the minds of what I learned was that also in the yoga culture is, you know, you get is, which is the word for age and that, um, Yogi vagina identified that we're going from one age to another in 2012 was a slice of that. And, and then in the, uh, astrology from Pisces to Aquarius 2012 to divider for that.

[00:11:31] So we're in this 20 year window, my second and third book go into this extensively. So much of my publisher knows this and asked me kind of commanded me to put as a subtitle on my second. Vibrational upgrade a conspiracy for your bliss is the title. The subtitle is easing humanity's evolutionary transition, um, because its 20 year window from 2012 to 2032 is considered our greatest evolutionary leap ever.

[00:11:56] So 2012 to 20 right about now has [00:12:00] been more of the cleansing purging. The end, the awakening time. That's why I started the interview with saying what I was saying about there's been like periodic releases of more people awakening, but now we're more in the constructive time where we really are going to be creating a new golden era is the expectation.

[00:12:19] Imagine that, can you believe that with all the division and all the tribalism in like in natural healing? Just one last thing. It's like fever peaking before. Things seem to get worse. And I say this so frequently, the mind, typically the ego mind day-to-day mind typically. Life events, the exact opposite, the way that the soul of the universe means.

[00:12:40] So all of this polarization, all of this tribalism, all of this fighting, the black lives matter. The me too movement, all of us, because secrets are coming up to the surface. Where there's been abuse as a power. That's coming up to the surface. Everything's coming into alignment and less hierarchical and more about unity and equality.

[00:12:57] Now I know it's hard to believe, but [00:13:00] in like a body, a mind, body, spirit system, somebody they've come to me for any kind of physical issue, emotional issue, or, um, old trauma. They want to get over. Uh, most of the time to the point that every time I start working with somebody, I give them a document called the healing response to explain this process, it's going to seem like it's getting worse before it gets better.

[00:13:20] Curt Mercadante: Yeah, it, and, and you know, those who are not awakened are threatened, right? So it's like they got, I just did a video today, um, about, and I have some relatives who have gone this and I've gone through, this is some of the people who are when, when you start living a life in congruence with awareness and, and, and being awakened.

[00:13:41] Um, you know, it's often the people who are closest to. Who are the haters and they're supposed to love you. And it's almost like they reject you. And it's, you know, a big part of it is because they wish deep down to probably subconsciously that they wish they were doing what you were doing, but they will [00:14:00] lash out, you know, and.

[00:14:02] And it's, it's a threat to their order, right? If you're doing that, it's like, wait, dig. I mean, my wife and I, we homeschool now. We've been doing it for 16 years, but you would have thought that we were terrorists the way some people react to us. And, and so the old guard, when they realize it's, uh, uh, and the, and the word a snarky keeps coming back, you talked about at the end of the hierarchy, it's, it's.

[00:14:31] It's more of this, you know, um, like you said, No joint rule, but it's a threat to those who are in power, right? Whether it's a consolidation of the food system or whatever it is, you're seeing it and they fight back. And so, um, you know, when you rustle the grasses, right. The snakes come out. So yeah. And so if you can just take the mountain top perspective or the satellite perspective and work on yourself, I know that one of the areas I spend the most time doing [00:15:00] energy medicine, clearings for people as they learn.

[00:15:03] Dr. Alison J. Kay: I call the third chakra, the second power center, like traditionally, historically the solar plexus is in shakras for anybody who doesn't know their, what we design every yoga posture around. So like for instance, in my yoga teacher training in India, I had to design a sequence, um, for every sh of different poses that went through the whole Chakra column, um, of the eight limbs of yoga.

[00:15:26] Only one is about body postures. The, uh, consciousness and working with the mind. So, uh, chakras is not a big deal elsewhere. It's not something woo it's means wheel. And it turns vital life force energy in the region of the body that it sits at. But it's also an intersection of the mind, the body and the spirit.

[00:15:47] So the throat Chakra, um, I consider the. More and each one relates to a part of life. Right? So typically people talk about communication for the throat chakra I consider that the basic [00:16:00] level. What I understand about the throat chakra is this is where we, when I say understand, I mean like decades of working on people's systems in multiple, multiple, multiple people and seeing patterns, I don't mean like, I'm just like, you know, making this up out of the air.

[00:16:14] Right. I'm I'm very, I mean, every PhD I'm very logical you based. And my background is very ridiculous. Illogical growing up with star Trek and my older brother. So like, yeah. I mean, that's why I moved to Asia for 10 years, so I could know what I was talking about the clients. So, um, what am I saying? I'm getting a little sidetracked with that little qualifier in there.

[00:16:35] The throat chakra at the higher level. What I've come to observe is that it's where our courage sits to make new choices. So like telling me before we started recording, when you, um, you guys just packed up and started traveling around the country and in 2020, that kind of a choice is strengthening to the throat shop.

[00:16:55] Hmm, the lined and it's following like your heart in, in, in your higher [00:17:00] self desires when you're like hurting somebody else or judging somebody else and you know, it's not right. And you're listening to your lower self. That's going to close down the throat chakra. If you lie, it closes it down again, going back to the first layer, a first level of the throat shakra but courage also sits here courage to make choices that when you hear the hunch or the feather soft whisper, as opposed to the loud roaring of the mind's thoughts.

[00:17:26] But when you hear like do that and you ignore it, or you suppress it, we want to do work on opening the throat chakra. Cause you have more courage to choose that because we're stepping into that. Constructive time, meaning we're recognizing increasingly the LOA has helped extremely with this to whatever level you're aware that your choices are actually creating what is in your life.

[00:17:50] So coming out of victim, In any aspect of our lives, whether, you know, we were raised, um, black in the United States and dealt with, dealt with a ton of racism or raised [00:18:00] female in the United States or any, you know, and, and, and it's been hard to get equality because we've had female prime ministers and other countries around the world for decades.

[00:18:08] We've still yet to have one in the states. So, whereas we may seem like we have the feminist movement and we were really strong, competitive. We're not, if you look at the amount of women in leadership in America. So if you've been raised in, um, whatever that could be pointed to as socio-political or socioeconomic completely logical, reasonable cause for you to have less than what somebody else comparatively has still even coming out of that conditioning and that entrenchment in the parental and ancestral, like I had a client from France and he originated from.

[00:18:44] Uh, country in Africa and he has been working on clearing his blocks to abundance and clearing his blocks on, um, especially talking to white women. And at one point I got really this riveting and it wasn't the first place and I was working with him for you. [00:19:00] Before this one mean in his ancestry, the sense of, I can't choose more for myself.

[00:19:05] I'm not safe if I do, I'll get noticed if I'm like doing too well and that's bad. And as well as, you know, the amount of black men who had gotten hurt historically for talking to white women. So that was also in his ancestry, even though he was from Africa and never touched his foot on the United States soil and lived in France, it's different.

[00:19:22] It's more cultural there than it is about color, which is how I see the world. Like culture, not color. So. What I'm saying is, is you could be completely right in righteous, even in pointing to why you could be doing worse off than somebody else. So what you're still limiting yourself. So any, and all storylines that you have in yourself that limits you and makes you feel like a victim, recognizing that our power is in.

[00:19:51] I can shift how I perceive this. I have conditioning. I have parental influence. I have trauma. Maybe I have. Some other stuff [00:20:00] that I go into when I do an energy medicine clearing, that's causing me to see things in this framework. I can work with how, what I'm seeing and how I'm framing it by getting some back of the house consciousness, which is what I call the subconscious and unconscious cleared, released more to the frontal lobe.

[00:20:18] Where you hear the thoughts from when you are meditating and observing, because we don't hear the thoughts that create about 85% of our daily choices. We're only hearing about 15% of our thoughts. So as I do more clearance on the back of the house consciousness that does correlate to different chakras, some more vital life force energy overall circulating you also have more access to make more conscious, mindful.

[00:20:40] Choices. So using not right for the new choices as we together, co-create our new era is where we're at now.

[00:20:49] Curt Mercadante: When it comes to abundance and prosperity, you know, and you talk about healing and people might say, well, what's healing have to do with abundance and prosperity. Isn't that all just about working harder?

[00:20:59] You [00:21:00] know, it doesn't come down to those to opening up the quality, to make the.

[00:21:04] Dr. Alison J. Kay: You just get three more jobs, right, right.

[00:21:08] Curt Mercadante: The hustle and the grind and instead of relaxation. Yeah.

[00:21:13] Dr. Alison J. Kay: Great point. I've had clients go in myself. I've experienced it. I remember what I went to Italy for a month, um, to Ischian island, because I really want to do a lot of touring for national Springs around the earth.

[00:21:25] Um, it was really interesting cause the silent has like. Like in the Northeast, the spring that's there helps heal like gynecological issues. The one that's in the Southeast is for skin issues. One of the Northwest is for arthritis. The one of was like, it's fascinating. Each spring had like, I mean, the earth provides, you know, I mean, there's so much healing that anyway, let's just leave that to the side.

[00:21:47] Cause that's a whole nother interview. How does abundance relate to healing? I remember when I was relaxing in Ischia and I just recently had a client go to Hawaii and relaxing on the beaches there and have more [00:22:00] money come in than she's ever had before. Now, she wasn't just laying on the beach with no way for the income to reach her.

[00:22:05] She had a photography business, had put out bids and was waiting to hear back from them, but she had the biggest influx of, um, To the, her bids than she's ever had laying on the beach. It's a phenomena. That's fascinating. Um, however, you have to have the right energetics and the right consciousness to receive it.

[00:22:23] So what I noticed, even like with myself, I had to clear out proving myself. So. I grew up with an older brother and, you know, in the Jewish culture, the first born son in many cultures, Chinese as well, you know, he's God, basically, you know, if you think of all the years and centuries of Kings and the heirs and all of that noise.

[00:22:43] Um, and so he naturally got favoring and I remember feeling like I had to prove myself, you know? And so we'd sit there at the dinner table and I would talk about what I learned that day. He would talk what he learned that day. And so there was a sense of, you know, siblings. Competition. I mean, we love each other, you [00:23:00] know, we tromped out in the woods day after day after school and played out in the woods all the time.

[00:23:04] So it wasn't all rivalry. I don't want to miscommunicate this, but the bottom line is I realized I had to stop working too. Like I did extra levels of work too, because I felt like I had to prove myself. So once I got that cleared, I did less over-giving. Um, and I did. Output. So there is these concepts we hold from the way we grow up, that we get imprinted with or conclusions we make unconsciously is we've, you know how at age two, your kids went

[00:23:42] to they're just like you and your wife, you know, they're the, the thoughts of feelings, all of that. Connected. We're not selling parents until we start doing that too, because we are separating, informing our own identity. Some from like two to eight, my bad, I have the original major in college and back [00:24:00] psychology.

[00:24:02] So some of this is combined with, um, developmental psych in Western psych. So ages two to eight, we're busy looking around. How does it work on planet earth? We make these. So those go wired unconsciously. So we have these views of how the world works. And specifically the one I gave as an example about proving myself, what I had a conclusion of was I get attention when I prove myself or I, I earn approval when I prove myself.

[00:24:29] So then that gets wired in and you make other conclusions. And choices of your behavior based on that. Right? So the working hard thing, um, is also something I talked about my first book. It's funny. I keep referring to that one today because I have four and I'm not referring the most recent or the third one.

[00:24:47] But in that one, I'm talking about like, I saw it if I'm living out of the country for so long and other times I've, I've lived out of the country too. Um, there's an element in American society in general, that is about proving yourself because we separated as a [00:25:00] colony. And when then we revolted and said, no, we don't need you.

[00:25:03] So we had to produce our own textiles. We had to learn how to use the loom. We had to produce our own cotton. We had to learn how to produce our own industry without relying on the crown anymore. So there's oh, you know, I feel like that's also, I was shown that intuitively as I was writing my first book in the culture rehab.

[00:25:19] So it's great because we are as productive as we are in America, but. It's out of balance.

[00:25:25] Curt Mercadante: Yeah. Um, I want, I want to ask you about, uh, well, your program and the title of one of your books, which is vibrational upgrade. And, but, but part of it is why is it you, right. Conspiracy? Why is vibrational upgrade a conspiracy for your bliss?

[00:25:43] Dr. Alison J. Kay: That's such a cool question. And I get asked that a lot. Um, all right. So let me do it this way. I have for probably three decades. Been saying consciously and out loud to the universe universe helped me increase my tolerance for bliss. [00:26:00] And you hear that challenge and you hear that I'm I I'm expecting my tolerance for bliss to always be able to be increasing.

[00:26:09] And I go into the Sanskrit word from yoga Terea, which means bliss I'm in my last, the last chapter of the book you're asking about this, my second book, um, Uh, conspiracy because when I look at the Shaka column, the third shocker in particular is the shocker we use for manifesting out onto the physical plane.

[00:26:31] Whatever industry were industriously earning money from it's also with the inner child is it's also with the aspect of joy. It's also the aspect of self-esteem and self-confidence is, is also the aspect of where the empathic machinery is. So when we're clear sentient, you talked about the senses earlier and we move into the sixth sense, clear sentience, where we're feeling energy.

[00:26:56] That happens at the upper belly, which is also why, when people aren't [00:27:00] properly working with their energy system. And they're walking in and they're just absorbing energy. They can have gastric upset or they can burp a lot it, or they can be anxious. Like his anxiety sits there too. So having an appropriate balance between how much information you take in and how much you're plugged into your own information source is really important for many people now, because I hear that complaint a lot. So I threw it in there. Hmm. So if joy is contained Curt in the same chakra where we are. Also going to have a flourishing upper belly. If we're joy is about what we're manifesting out on the physical plane. So if these are correlated in the same, chakra meaning I have more joy honoring my inner child.

[00:27:50] With confidence and I don't mean perfect competence. I mean, with enough confidence that you manifest, what you're, what brings you joy out there in the physical world? That, to me [00:28:00] seems like a conspiratorial wiring from the divine. And it's just one example of just how many, like there really is a conspiracy for our bliss.

[00:28:10] And by the end of that book, I'm talking about. I'm just grabbing my third book. But at the end of that second book, I'm talking about unconditional love as the greater field of the Dow. And I'm talking to a yoga master, the one who created Kripalu, who I actually was privileged enough to give energy medicine sessions to, um, I'm asking him about, so if life force contains life force vital energy does prana also.

[00:28:40] soul force is another way to say it, soul force and he nodded and smiled. And then I asked him is another way to say it love force and he nodded and smiled. And so that's that interactions at the end of that book, but the reason why it's so profound to me is because I also teach chigong and learned it over in Asia and [00:29:00] teach my, um, I have a signature program called magic manifestation of money.

[00:29:05] And in the third video of the third module, I show them how to go outside and interact with the elementals and with the greater Tao field. Because as you, once you do that, you're opening up your receiving capacities. So you get more opportunities more easily. You do less working hard to make things happen, but just more receptivity, overall, more guidance, more love, more support.

[00:29:27] So why am I saying all of this? That's also another reason why I say a conspiracy for your bliss, because I see. That when you get beyond the noise and all of the conditioning of the, the ego mind, and you really hear yourself and you allow for that connection with the divine, it's not about Jesus on the cross.

[00:29:48] It's about the resurrection. So in my third book is I love that noise. Thank you for making that the title holder, like I put on glasses to [00:30:00] read how to activate the field of possibilities, where logical magic is the new normal. This is my only book that's on, um, audible, but that had to activate the field of possibilities where logical magic is the new normal.

[00:30:15] I just want to add in that this. I'll be having historically been called ooVoo. There is a logic to the divine creation from what I can see, what I've studied and what I've learned about ancient wisdom, universal laws, the metaphysical, and how it all works. And I have studied a lot and practiced tens of thousands of people watching and putting these to tests and coming up with my own.

[00:30:38] There really isn't, it's not some stuff is mystery. Leave it at that. That's great fun. And, and, and I, I like that. For the mystery, but there really is a sense of, it's just a higher order of logic. When you start to work with the metaphysical and, and engage the subtle energies in a way, once you work with your own subtle energy system and consciousness, [00:31:00] it really is a conspiracy for your bliss.

[00:31:02] If you let it be.

[00:31:04] Curt Mercadante: I love that. Do we have time for one more question?

[00:31:07] Dr. Alison J. Kay: Uh, I will just say yes, yes.

[00:31:10] Curt Mercadante: Okay. The word freedom. Yeah. And people like to take that word and use it for their own sometimes on the level on the material plane, right. Or the political plane only. What does that word freedom mean to you?

[00:31:24] Dr. Alison J. Kay: So visually intuitively I just saw jumping out of a plane, which I've done. Um,

[00:31:36] I talk about this word a lot too,

[00:31:41] where I want to go with this is in response to something you said earlier in our conversation in that you were talking about, and it was so great of an example, and I'm so grateful to Kurt for bringing in the perspective of tribalism in group sports jerseys. That was a great metaphor. Uh, where am I going with this?[00:32:00]

[00:32:01] The idea of what does he threatened? So many people and cause people to hold back, making a choice that they really want to make that will get them for your and more joyous. Cause I think that those are intertwined when I see somebody's body's saying, or my own elevate with joy, that's a sense of freedom.

[00:32:19] That's part of the definition, I think because freedom is some kind of elevation and joy as a factor in that. I see people stop themselves when they're concerned about what others will think. And of course you hear this and intellectually like, yeah, I don't do that. I don't care what people think, but really, you know, I mean, I spend a lot of time running clearings on people who are concerned about what will they think.

[00:32:43] If I come out of the spiritual closet, who will I lose in my life? What will I have to give up in my life? What will these people think of me? And especially the ostracizing. And I don't even think it has to apply to spirituality. You know, if we just take all religions and just group it in the [00:33:00] word spirituality, it's where people access their spirit.

[00:33:04] I, I just feel like historically there have been so many times in our culture where particularly in the west, like Galileo got shut down. When somebody has been speaking truth of what they see, the shutdown that happens. And in particularly ostracization of four and four, which is an intuitive use. And once the enlightenment era hit getting rid of the supernatural and getting everything logical and reasoned out and explained, I had a guy in England tell me, he thinks that they're over, we've become overly rational.

[00:33:36] We need more bring in more of the mystical again. So freedom for me is freedom beyond the thinking and the. Oh, I in coming from that and caring what other people think it's really feeling the sense of you're in this body and you're in this life for you as a soul and your connection to the divine and letting yourself make whatever choices are required in order to honor that in, in, involved in grow and live a lighter, [00:34:00] happier, increasingly more joyous, abundant, healthier.

[00:34:05] Curt Mercadante: Thank you so much for sharing that. I really appreciate that. And thank you for coming on the show. Um, we'll have to have you back. We'll definitely have you back. We're going to link to all your books, your website, everything in the show notes. Um, Dr. Alison, I want to thank you so much for joining us today.

[00:34:20] Dr. Alison J. Kay: It's been a pleasure. Yeah. Likewise, Kara. Thanks for asking me. It's been a pleasure. Look at that. So you have a great smile, man. Thank you.


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