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The Year Ahead on the Freedom Media Network

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Curt Mercadante:

Hey, what's up my fellow freedom lovers. My name is Curt Mercadante, you may already know that. This is the Freedom Media Network, I'm coming to you in the shadow of Thunder Mountain. For those of you watching this on video, you'll see beautiful Thunder Mountain here and stunning Sedona, Arizona behind me. I'm out for a hike. I'm a big fan of a quote by Teddy Roosevelt. And he said, "Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are." Now, I may have butchered that quote, but I think you get the gist. You see, I was out for a hike and I felt like recording this podcast as the first podcast of the year for Freedom Media Network. So I don't need any fancy recording equipment, me, my phone, nature. So you hear the sounds of nature behind us, probably some airplanes in the background, whatever.

Anyways, Happy New Year. Happy 2022. We restarted the Freedom Media Network Podcast, actually overall, the whole network, about a month or so ago. We'd shut it down in September of 2020, because quite honestly, I couldn't find great internet to record. Because in September of 2020, my wife and I, we took our four kids, we sold our home in Charleston, South Carolina, donated or sold pretty much everything we owned that didn't fit into a five by five storage facility or our minivan, and we started traveling the country on a freedom adventure. You see, while some people were okay with being locked down, while some people were okay with violence in the streets, and certainly there was, even in Charleston, South Carolina, we decided to adapt and go to places that we felt were free for us.

Now it might be different for you, and that's okay. That's part of being human, realizing that we all have opinions, we all have unique points of view. And that's okay, understanding. You know what? Empathy isn't me trying to convince you to come over to my point of view. It's understanding that I have a point of view, and me understanding that you have a point of view. We don't have to convince, we don't have to convert, but we at least understand that other people... I think that's something, from a human behavioral standpoint, that more people in our society need to understand.

So we hit the road on a freedom lifestyle adventure late in the summer. We came here to Sedona, Arizona, beautiful Sedona, Arizona, and decided to stay. So here we are, setting up shop here, at least for another year, probably longer, hopefully longer. And so, we restarted the Freedom Media Network. This is the first episode of 2022, and I wanted to give you a little update and a little preview of what's to come. We have some great guests. Next week is our first guest of the year, Rico Pena, with Pena Global. We're going to talk about his new book, It's Not Business, It's Personal, about building freedom in the workplace. We have some other guests lined up.

On our website and our podcast, we categorize things into different slots of freedom, health freedom, spiritual freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of business. But in reality, there's just freedom. Freedom is freedom. We categorize it for ease of understanding and for SEO and Google, and all that. But there's just freedom, and you either have freedom or you don't. And when I say that, freedom is your birthright. You were born, it's your default. So people say, "Oh, so and so is taking away my freedom." That's BS. Only you can give away your freedom, because it was given to you when you were born, by the universe, by God, by divine intervention, whatever you believe. Freedom is your birthright, only you can give it away.

So we talk about health. We talk about spirituality. We talk about consciousness. We talk about building a freedom business. We talk about entrepreneurship. We talk about health freedom, something that's very important right now. I'm unleashing my health freedom right now, out for a daily hike. So thank you for being a listener, a watcher, a viewer, whatever, a fan, of the Freedom Media Network. There's more to come this year. I'm excited to share some incredible content with you. Some awesome guests that we have coming up, lined up. We'll preview more and we'll let you know more here in the future.

If you have some friends, family, colleagues, you think would love our content, please feel free to share the Freedom Media Network with them. Go to our website, you can subscribe there. Subscribe on Apple to the audio version of our podcast. On YouTube, search Freedom Media Network. Spotify, Amazon, and I believe even Google. So I want to thank you for being with us here. We took a year off, but we are back. We have incredible content coming your way to help you unleash your freedom, which is your birthright, here on the Freedom Media Network. Happy New Year, I wish you a year of freedom, abundance and prosperity. I'm your host, Curt Mercadante, thank you for joining us.

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