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The truth about sin and karma


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Why have we been programmed to associate the words "sin" and "karma" with a cycle of guilt, shame, and feared punishment?

In this episode, host Curt Mercadante discusses the real, original meanings of the words "sin" (missing the mark) and karma (actions), and how those original meanings have been misinterpreted in modern society.

Awareness and acceptance of the original meanings are foundational to replacing our scarcity mindset with one of abundance, and participating in the natural, ongoing flow of prosperity.

From this episode:

  • "I was raised learning the Our Father and I was programmed to believe that 'give us this day, our daily bread' meant me getting down on bended knee in front of that big man on the throne and begging for scraps. Until I realized that we were born with the daily bread. We don't have to beg for it. We were given those gifts. I believe that gift is our creative thinking. We have the ability to think our way out of literally anything. Otherwise humans would not be here today. You have the ability to think of ways to find money, think of ways to provide people value, think of ways to take action to get in the flow of prosperity."

  • "The word sin, we think of it as "you are punished for doing bad." First of all, the Bible has been interpreted by so many humans throughout the years that the original meaning of the Bible was lost long ago But if you look at the original Aramaic version of the word sin it actually means "missing the mark." It does not mean doing bad and being punished. It means missing the mark.

  • "If you look at the most basic translation of the word karma, it does not mean this 'boomerang of punishment.' It actually means actions. That is it. Karma means actions. It can mean you take the action of dropping a pebble in a pond, and there is ripples. There is a ripple effect of our actions."

Curt Mercadante is an author, speaker, and coach who helps individuals unleash their innate freedom to create the businesses, careers, relationships, and self-care they desire. Watch this video to learn more.

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