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The sales mastery model


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"If your 'why' is off, everything else I give you will be an obligation and not an opportunity." — Joe Pici

In today’s episode, sales trainer Joe Pici lays out the essentials of sales mastery that can you have you generating more revenue ASAP.

This episode taken from a recent workshop in our Freedom Circle membership group.

Crowned with the highly coveted ranking of #1 in the world for sales training and keynote speaking by Global Gurus, Joe Pici is a strategist for top professionals and coach specializing in results driven training through Rapport MasteryTM. Since 1992 he has spoken across 4 continents and functioned as a catalyst for corporate teams and individuals, helping them to create purpose, direction and activation.

COO and co-founder of Pici & Pici Inc and host of The Sales Edge podcast, Joe is a human behavior expert, author and intellectual resource behind the best selling book, Sell Naked on the Phone. Joe has expanded this knowledge and coaching expertise into a comprehensive, turn-key system for success in sales.

He has had the honor and responsibility of sharing this methodology as a speaker, trainer and coach for hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies world wide.


[00:00:00] Joe Pici: And I promise you, if you do what I'm telling you in this next section, these nine things you can start making money next week. Wow. Like Monday, like Monday, we have four people come to our bootcamp that we're selling to doctor's offices. They had to get appointments with doctors. They had to navigate.

[00:00:21] The woman out front that says you're not talking to our doctor, they were selling an infusion for diabetes.

[00:00:34] Two of them were in their twenties. Two of them were in their sixties. One of the guys in the sixties is a chiropractor, has never sold a lollipop. Another one has been in what he called sales for 35 years and never made a full-time. The two 20 something year old. They don't know if it's pumped. They're stuck.

[00:00:57] All right. They ain't got a clue. [00:01:00] They went through our process on day three. They all booked for appointment. Two of those appointments have already gone to market, which will be in the seven figure range because it wasn't about emotion and charisma. Look, I'm not talented. And I have no charisma. Got it. I mean, Kurt didn't invite me to the red rocks for a reason.

[00:01:26] I wouldn't have been not much fun to be around. I would have said, why don't we take him out the white board? So, I mean, Kurt is amazing to me. He truly lives a balanced life. He works like, like the, like the duck that goes real slow on top of the water, his feet are going. And so he, he has that condensed work and the rest of the time he lives in an incredible lifestyle.

[00:01:56] Right. I ain't that good. You [00:02:00] understand? And so that doesn't mean he's bad. It's just who we are. So you're ready. You're ready for these things. The first thing to get started, the, you just obey these nine essentials and you'll start making money Monday. Number one, you have to sit down this weekend and decide how much money do you want to make and put some dates.

[00:02:26] Get a clear why. And if your, why is off everything else I give you will be an obligation and not an opportunity. That's going to be one of my future podcasts obligation versus opportunity. After you have that done, here's two things you have to bring to the table, Chris, and nobody can give you this.

[00:02:51] You've got to bring self-discipline and then. You've got to bring those to the table. Self-discipline and now [00:03:00] allows you to say no to low revenue producing activities and yes, to high revenue producing activities. It allows you to do time-blocking. It allows you to do so many things. My favorite word is no.

[00:03:13] Say no. Then all of you put together because where you will be financially in five years based more on what you say no to them. What'd you say? That comes from self discipline ambition. Okay. Lazy. Doesn't sell.

[00:03:34] All right. I mean, you work your butt off when you sell it, depending on how much money you wanna make, how much money you want to meet. We'll tell you how hard you have. Now, once you have that ambition, self discipline, the next clear up and start working on your communication skills. You're listening [00:04:00] skills.

[00:04:01] 80% of communication is being a great listener. Now here's the top four. Are you ready for the four? You ready? So what happened in 2008, Richard?

[00:04:22] Uh, 2008 was what? The housing? Yep. All right. So our industry, the speaking coaching training consulting industry almost died some of the biggest celebrities in the entire country. Like your Tony Robbins, your Chet Holmes, their businesses drop 80%. The phone stopped ringing the first thing at a big convention.

[00:04:48] That goes is the keynote speaker. Okay. Because it's an extra. And so my wife and I are sitting at this speaker convention, the last we'd ever go to, [00:05:00] and we're listening to these celebrities whining. I said, Don, let's go home. I'd say we're tripling our income. We're not Tony Robbins. We're not seeing. What are we doing?

[00:05:12] So we went home and we whiteboard it. Here's what we did. Here's the key to consider just in business every day, starting today, you're going to spend time generating leads in your target market every day.

[00:05:33] Number two. Every day, except for whatever day you decide to call a day of rest. That's your business. You're going to make a minimum of 30 to 40 outbound phone calls with the intent to qualify and book a meeting. I didn't say a hundred with the right script. It's going to take you around 40 minutes to an hour.

[00:05:57] And if you don't have an hour to sell, [00:06:00] then you're probably not going to make it in any business. Unless somebody else is selling for you. Number three, you're going to do a minimum of 20 quality core stories a month. Those are they say yes to your value proposition and you either do it on the phone through zoom or face-to-face.

[00:06:23] If you're going to do a minimum of 20. And you're going to manage your priorities top down, highest revenue producing activities. The lowest that's called my sales rep mastery model.

[00:06:44] You do that for 90 days, you can't help but make money.

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