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The power of LinkedIn to generate new business leads

Think LinkedIn is just a site for posting your resume? Think again.

"How does a grandmother of two become a LinkedIn expert?"

As Dawn Pici, LinkedIn trainer and sales strategist told Freedom Media Network founder Curt Mercadante, the social media network can serve as an endless source of new business leads.

Pici is the statewide LinkedIn trainer for both Nationwide and AFLAC insurance companies and national LinkedIn trainer for the National Football League. She also is co-author with her husband of the best selling book “Sell Naked on the Phone”.

“The question comes about, how does a grandmother of two become a LinkedIn expert?" she told Mercadante. “I sat down with a LinkedIn trainer, and they said, ‘Do this. Do that,’ Two years later, we got nothing. I think a lot of people find themselves in that situation, where you have this profile, but it's spinning off in space somewhere. You know?”

But Pici didn’t give up. In 2012, she came across an article describing how IBM generated business leads through Linkedin, increased their business by 400% with only seven sales reps.

“I thought, ‘They're doing something different. I'm not in Kansas anymore’,” said Pici. “I was determined to figure out, ‘Well, what are they doing?’ After about four months of trial and error and working to do this with the free (LinkedIn) program, I found a way to duplicate pretty well what they were doing. All of a sudden, we started accuring these leads.”

She said her company’s sales clients then wanted to know the secret.

“Voila, a LinkedIn expert was born, whether I wanted to be one or not,” she laughed.

Pici said she describes herself as a Linkedin “ghostwriter”. She writes manuscripts and helps people craft perfect narratives for their Linkedin profile, helping her clients attract their ideal audience

“I work in conjunction with my clients. We work in tandem. Before we work together, I send out a questionnaire. We're ready to go,” she said. “Then I start putting the magic into their profiles. That's the first thing - we create a profile that's client-centric and captivating, that is going to really keep your decision-maker on the page, and then the second thing I do is I teach them how to leverage LinkedIn for an outbound reach strategy. That's something that I don't think most people do.”

Watch Pici’s full conversation with Mercadante by clicking here.

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