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The power of a daily meditation practice

Do you have a daily meditation practice?

In this podcast episode, we discuss the benefits of having a daily meditation practice on your mental, physical, and spiritual health and why this mindfulness practice can help you lower the stress and anxiety that can cause dangerous inflammation in your body.


You can listen to this podcast episode at Apple, Spotify, or via this audio player:


This episode comes from a recent workshop in Curt Mercadante's private "Freedom Circle" coaching group. To watch the full workshop, and get access to all our live and archived workshops, please visit

Here is an excerpt from the workshop:


If I asked you, what's the leading cause of death?

Even this past year, right?

What's the leading cause of death in America?

When you look at the list, you know, heart disease is at the top.

Other cardiac related issues are right up there.

But when you get to the root of it, it's inflammation.

Cancer? Inflammation.

Heart disease? Inflammation.

Flu? Inflammation.

COVID? Inflammation.

It's part of your immune response.

It's meant to protect you but just like anything else, things that are meant to protect us....

Cortisol is a killer when we have it consistently and constantly and right now we have a heavily inflamed society.

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