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The health benefits of Lion's Mane mushrooms

Lion's Mane mushroom is an edible and medicinal mushroom that has been cultivated for use in Vietnam, China and Japan, and believed by some to have benefits to treat neurological dis-eases.

The mushroom has a unique appearance, resembling a cheerleader's "pom pom" with tentacles that hang down like teeth. Those teeth are used to make and release spores, which are the seeds that allow it to reproduce.


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More about Lion's Mane:

  • Also known as: Hericium erinaceus or Yamabushitake

  • Lions mane mushroom contains polysaccharides and secondary metabolites such as erinacines, hericerins, hericenones, resorcinols, steroids, mono- and diterpenes, and volatile aroma compounds, nutritional composition, food and industrial uses, and exceptional nutritional and health-promoting aspects of H. erinaceus.

What do the studies say about lions mane mushroom?

  • Lion's mane mushroom appears to promote neuronal prolongation and formation of myelin[21]

  • Neutrophic properties of lions mane mushroom [33]

  • Potential Nerve Regeneration utilizing lions mane mushroom in rats [39]

  • Hericium erinaceus - a medicinal mushroom activates peripheral nerve regeneration [44]

  • One human study using 3g of 98% lion's mane powder showed significantly improvements on a rating scale of dementia in persons suffering from general cognitive decline.[25]

  • Neuroregenerative potential of lion's mane mushroom [29]

  • Potential reduction of depression and anxiety by 4 weeks Hericium erinaceus intake [31]

  • Nerve growth factor-inducing activity of Hericium erinaceus [32]

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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