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The health benefits of dragon's blood


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"It's really good for inflammation. It's great for pain. It's great for cleansing the blood." — Matt Roeske | Cultivate Elevate

In this episode, Curt Mercadante interviews Matt Roeske, founder of Cultivate Elevate, for a discussion of the health benefits of dragon’s blood powder.

Dragon’s blood is powerful superfood to add to your morning coffee or tea. This ancient magical tree is very high in antioxidants and is a great blood tonic.

• Studies show that dragon’s blood can help regenerate collagen and tissue.

• Natural superfood to support blood health and cognition.

• Supports the skin, blood, and gut flora.

• May support alleviation of H pylori and inflammation.


[00:00:00] Matt Roeske: It's really good for inflammation. It's great for pain. It's great for cleansing the blood as well, too.

[00:00:10] Curt Mercadante: Another product you just released, uh, which I love, which is just so, it's so interesting. I mean, it's so interesting from a, the texture of it. And when I know we went back and forth, putting it in tea and everything is Dragon's blood. Can you tell us about Dragon's blood, what it is and the power of something that sounds a little.

[00:00:29] Matt Roeske: Yeah, and this one is really cool. Um, the reason I went with this one is cuz we needed a blood tonic, right? So we don't have things that clean out the. And we are bombarded with a lot of toxins that build up in the blood. So we needed, I wanted to release something that would heal the blood and Dragon's blood basically comes from a tree that's over about 4 million years old.

[00:00:49] Uh, if you go back to the Atlan times and you look at the Atlantis times, there's these islands called Canary islands, Zo islands, and all this area where Atlantis, uh, used to originate, they [00:01:00] have these magical trees called the Dr. Uh, the, the Draco. and it was when they would cut the tree, that tree would begin to bleed like blood.

[00:01:08] And it looked like this red SAP. So that powder that you're consuming is actually the SAP of the tree so that it begins to heal. It's kind of like if, you know, you ate maple syrup, right? Maple syrup is the SAP of the tree. So it's the same exact concept, but there's just different healing modalities of Dragon's blood.

[00:01:25] So such as like wound Regener. Uh, such as gum, like if your, your gums are receding, you could actually use dragon blood to help bring them back. And we just had a lady message me yesterday that, that actually happened. Like her gums are better. Like then she's blown away. You know, it's really good for inflammation.

[00:01:42] It's great for pain. It's great for cleansing the blood as well too, because like I said, the blood sits stagnant and sits, you know, in our body, all the. And it builds up all these toxins and we have to revitalize that. So they would use Dragon's blood to, um, heal the blood. And then it is also, which [00:02:00] was the most mind blowing thing, stat that I was like, okay, we gotta roll out the Dragon's blood was that the antioxidant value, which is the ORIC value.

[00:02:07] So you have blueberries, which are about like 10,000. You have a glass of wine, which is about 15,000. You have chaga, which is anywhere from 50 to a hundred thousand, depending Dragon's blood is three, about 3 million. So the antioxidant value of this SAP is through the roof. It's unlike anything on the planet.

[00:02:27] So when I realized that I was like, okay, this has gotta be something that, you know, I need to help, you know, release and bring to life because people are in need. And with that antioxidant value, I mean, it's just, it's mind blowing. Like there's nothing that even comes. And when it comes to the oxidation that we're facing, right?

[00:02:46] Every time we go outside, we go to bed, the electricity, the EMF cell phones, everything is oxidizing us and speeding up our aging process. So to say, so it's interesting because blood, uh, dragons blood has a lot of reverse or [00:03:00] anti-aging properties with it because there's so many antioxidants. , it was also used in like shamanism and art and different rituals, which just bring energy.

[00:03:11] Right. These tree SAP brings energy and brings energy to the picture and things like that. So it was just such a very unique, um, plant and like tree. And I was like, you know what? This is, we, we have to do this because, you know, I, I feel that people are in need. Like their blood is just needed to be heal.

[00:03:30] And dragons blow. Is that perfect thing. And because of the antioxidant value and the power that is hidden behind that tree, I was like, this is, this is definitely definitely something. And you can add it to coffee. You can add to smoothies, you can brew it as a tea. You'll notice like a real trans like state once you, if you just consume it on its own, it'll just calm you down.

[00:03:50] Like instant calm, centered, focused, you know, very like Beline focus as well. um, but that's just your body recalibrating, right? [00:04:00] It's, it's, it's fixing itself and that's, what's so fascinating about all these herbs, super foods and all these things is when you enter them, you put them into your system, you know, certain things begin to happen and it just starts to fix itself and things become better, you know, just ins it's it's like you said, you're not paying for pills or things that cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

[00:04:21] It, it should be. Things from nature and that are affordable without any synthetic weird stuff in it. That's, you know, that shouldn't be in there, like you said, with the vitamin industry, so many synthetic weird ingredients that are also into these things, which are combating or blocking your whole point of healing, you know?

[00:04:40] So that's why it's so important when somebody's shopping for vitamins or supplements or anything that they're just look at the ingredients, you know, if you see weird ingredients, Stay away. If it's just, you know, one ingredient or even two ingredients, that's your best bet. You know, because now you at least know what you're buying versus you have no idea when there's 800 different ingredients and all these stuff in there.[00:05:00]

[00:05:00] Curt Mercadante: Where is Dragon's blood found today?

[00:05:02] Matt Roeske: So today you can find it, uh, there's a couple different spots. So like I said, the Canary islands, you could say the Azos, uh, there's different parts of Asia. Uh, there's different islands outside Morocco as well. And just basically all over. It's just. Ancient tree from almost 4 million years ago.

[00:05:19] That is just found in very selected spots, almost like very sacred soils. And that's why it's a magical superfood. They also have it in south America as well, too. There's just different. Um, there's different. Uh, Not breeds, but lineages of the plants. So like there's a different type of Draco in south America.

[00:05:39] There's a different type of Draco in the ZOS. And then there's different type of Draco in Asia. And some of 'em are like either in a tree, some are in a Bush, some are in like a, almost like a chocolate Berry, you know? So each one is different, but it's all the same healing properties and it's very magical.

[00:05:57] Curt Mercadante: Do you have time for another

[00:05:59] Matt Roeske: [00:06:00] question?

[00:06:03] Curt Mercadante: Oh, yes. Yes. Oh, cool. Cool. So you mentioned, uh, healing at the cellular level. And a number of ways that that's where we're under attack. In our last episode, we talked about 12 different ways. You know, that those cells could be under attack. What are some ways that you're highlighting and, and you've hinted at some of them here already, but what are some, some, I guess not newer ways, but ways that you're really talking about today to, to, to really ring the bell and, and raise the flags that people are looking at at how their cells are

[00:06:32] Matt Roeske: under.

[00:06:33] So I would say, you know, if you're gonna really start with something, uh, chill job is an easy, simple one, you know, 84 of 102 minerals. And just to get the body going, I'm also working on something new. That's gonna be very similar, but it's pretty wild. Um, and it's in the mineralizing remineralizing the body.

[00:06:51] And, but if you're gonna start with certain things you wanna just bring in, I would say the first, the biggest things that you can do to just really rebalance your body. Number one is [00:07:00] getting out in nature. It's just hands down like the, that that can fix everything and that's free. Um, next would be, you know, purifying your water and making sure that you're drinking pure water and it's structured and it's filtered and it doesn't have fluoride in it.

[00:07:12] Third would be organic switching your diet from conventional to organic, and then next would be adding in super foods such as maybe Rahi mushroom Chila yacht. You can do the dragons, blood, Pearl powder, just things that have a lot of nutrient, even CMOs CMOs is another one that very, very, very popular people like too as well.

[00:07:31] You know, everything that has a lot of nutrients that's cuz when you really look at like, you were just saying the cellular deficiency that we're facing, you're just missing nutrients, you know? And a lot of the stuff that we're trying to fix, it's kind of like, okay, I'm low in iron zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K vitamin D whatever else.

[00:07:49] Right. But then I take a multi. That multivitamin only has a spec of everything in it and it can't be absorbed. So the biggest issue is you're never really fixing the problem. So we have to [00:08:00] address the root causes and go back to feeding the body and the organs, right. Feeding, which organs need, which foods.

[00:08:07] So, for example, I believe like if you eat a sweet potato, it's really great for your liver. You know, if you eat some carrots, they're great for your eyes. You know, certain foods are really good for certain things. Beets are great for the. So if you, we have to go back to connecting and understanding, like we're just more than just eating, like just more than just eating some food, like eating food is, is, is great.

[00:08:31] And we have to go get food, but we really need to understand why we're eating, what we're eating and that can help address any health elements that we're facing. So for example, if you're suffering from stress, right, you can look into ratio. You can look into Pearl, you can look into camel. Because you're trying to calm your central nervous system down because the central nervous system is firing so fast that that's what's causing your stress or anxiety.

[00:08:55] Right. So it's important to understand. Hmm. Okay. What can I feed my body that will calm it down? Well, [00:09:00] camel mill PT will start to slow down the heart from firing so fast. So you start to relax, you know, so in my opinion, it's start. To understand why we're eating, what we're eating and not just eating food, you know?

[00:09:12] Cause someone could tell you in the fitness world, for example, chicken and broccoli is great for you. Chicken and broccoli is every meal, chicken and broccoli is three times a day. You know, you're gonna look like chicken and broccoli after 30 days, you know, that's pretty much what's gonna happen. You're gonna be depleted on a lot of things.

[00:09:28] Your skin is gonna start to change. Your body is going to look different. You're gonna lose your strength, cuz you're eating chicken and broccoli. You know, there's only so many nutrients in those two as well. So it's about a well balanced well spectrum and understanding what am I lacking? You know, why am I feeling the way I am?

[00:09:45] You know, if you go into Google and type, you know, I feel tired. well, why would you be feeling tired? You're adrenals, you're kidneys, your liver, your heart, you know, maybe your lungs, you're not doing enough breath work. You know, you're not doing enough meditation, you know? So all these [00:10:00] different things kind of come into a factor.

[00:10:02] Once you hit all of those, then you can start implementing maybe some super foods or doing some different things. I, I kind of see it as I used to look at being healthy, such a different way. And when I was in the fitness world versus what I look at today, and I would address things in a certain way back into fitness time, but I would now today, never address them in that same way.

[00:10:25] Hmm. If that makes. No, it

[00:10:27] Curt Mercadante: does. It does. It does. Well, Matt, I wanna thank you so much for coming back on the show and next time. Well, I was gonna say, when you introduce some new products, we'll have to have you back on, but even if you don't, we'll have you back on, if you don't follow him, now there's a couple and, and by the time you get there, who knows, he may be banned again.

[00:10:47] Uh, but on Instagram or TikTok, And we'll put all these links in the show notes. Matt produces great content, not just about your products, but about a number of important [00:11:00] topics related to. BS shortages. We're seeing, uh, the, the, the, the types of light bulbs we're using EMFs. We had a video in the last one.

[00:11:10] We talked about EMFs. I posted it on TikTok. We had 45,000 views in 24 hours and it got removed for misinformation. Uh, so if you want some good misinformation, that's real information. Yes. Go follow Matt, Matt. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Happy to be here.

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