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The future of sales


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"AI is so much faster than you, more accessible than you, more efficient than you, more understanding, more consistent, doesn't get its feelings hurt. And we have to accept that. But there is one thing that it can't do and we gotta do this better than anything else. A computer, an AI program ,cannot be honest." — Dan Jourdan

How can salespeople compete with AI and new technologies? Two words: Honesty and closing. Dan Jourdan discusses in today’s episode.

This episode is taken from a recent workshop in our Freedom Circle Private Men's Membership Group.

Dan Jourdan AKA The Deej is a self-described ‘Sales Lunatic’. His specialty is training salespeople on how to generate an incredible pipeline of profitable new clients. As well as showing that the difference between the $30,000 salesperson and the $300,000 sales person is just the implementation of a few tools, learnable skills, and some special secrets.


[00:00:00] Years. Okay. So the future of sales, um, is completely different. Uh, the stuff you're being taught that everybody teaches you about, you know, attention, interest, conviction, desire, clothes, whatever, whatever method you're following, uh, the presentation that you're giving is. It's beyond useless. It's actually detrimental to your health right now and detrimental to your career.

[00:00:27] It's like, uh, it's like writing in cursive and I love writing in cursive. It's cathartic. We love giving presentations. Don't we, we have all our knowledge. We get to teach people and all that stuff. We feel so good about it. But, uh, you know, it doesn't really do much anymore. Like I write in cur I keep a journal, like I'll, you know, I write every day, a page a day about idiotic things.

[00:00:48] It's kind of terrible because you read back and you're like, man, I'm the same person I was 20 years ago. But it's very, you can clarify your thoughts when you write. So I make sure I write every morning, it's my [00:01:00] form of meditation music and all that stuff. Again, always trying to be like Kurt always be more like Kurt.

[00:01:08] But, oh, look who Dan's here. Look at this. My man. I'm gonna get to you. I've already made fun of everybody. I'll get to you later, Dan. All right. So we're uh, so the world is changing. The, the stuff that you've been practicing, it's something you kinda like to do, uh, has been taken over already. By AI. Uh, they've done studies right now.

[00:01:30] All I've done. 38% of the people that you're talking to in chat boxes is computer generated. Uh, you don't know that you're dealing with so many computers right now. Computers, could you, I wrote a up computers, write cold emails now. AI writes cold email. It doesn't just like, you know, fill in templates. It writes it, it writes songs.

[00:01:50] It writes music. It does the chats. It makes blogs. There is AI stuff you could put your face in, in a computer thing and press a [00:02:00] couple of buttons. In certain programs, it creates a video with your mouth moving and you talking it like captures your face in every AI is so much. Faster than you more accessible than you, more efficient than you, more understanding, more consistent, doesn't get its feelings hurt.

[00:02:20] It's better than you and me. And we have to accept that, but there is one thing that it can't do that only. And it's only one thing and we gotta do this better than anything else. A computer, an AI program cannot be honest. It just can't come out and tell you I'm an AI program because worse than providing bad service to somebody worse than, uh, you know, cheating them with money wor you know, worse than dating their daughter, or, I mean, doing the worst thing is not nearly as bad as a [00:03:00] prospect or a customer feeling as if they've been.

[00:03:04] Feeling as if they've been manipulated feeling as if they've been taken advantage of, as soon as they realize, oh hell, I'm dealing with a computer, it's done. Whatever Goodwill that was created in that re reaction is done. So that's your job to be over over the top honest, the other thing. That AI can't do is close.

[00:03:36] It just can't do it. It could present, it can do all that stuff, but that emotional reaction and getting to the point of closing a computer, can't do so your job as a salesperson. And this is what we're gonna talk about today is to attract people, to get it into your funnel, into your sales process.

[00:03:59] [00:04:00] Somehow. Then the presentation that you finally give to somebody is an honest, forthright, uh, information driven, sincere closing session. That's what your presentation is. And you guys know this from, and, and correct me if I'm wrong, if you're going to buy something, anything, the first thing you're not gonna do is, is, is, you know, talk to a salesperson and get this one little minuscule thing.

[00:04:32] You know, that you can get better information in a, you know, a couple of clicks. You know, if you're buying a, if people say a car, but if you're buying, you know, I'm looking around my. You're buying a, uh, you're buying a notepad, you know, you wanna find, which is the best notepad. You're gonna call an office store and say, Hey, let me get a, let me get a salesperson.

[00:04:53] I wanna see, which is the best notepad for me. I mean, you're gonna do whatever. You're just gonna pull it on. You can see what price you're gonna see, what it looks like. Eh, [00:05:00] and you're gonna, the sale is made. All online, that whole process of you trying to create emotion and, you know, conviction and desire and all that stuff.

[00:05:11] That's all done now online by yourself. It's self driven. So you need to know, and the front end is to get people to like you and trust you. We're gonna talk about that and then let them go through their whole process. And then if they call you and they say, tell me about this thing. When someone gets in touch with you and says, tell me about this thing.

[00:05:30] That's a closing session. They've already seen everything. Now you gotta get 'em to the right place and be emotional and be real and honest. And we're gonna cover that today, but I, the first thing I just wanna make sure with you that the future of sales is not selling AI, does it better than you they've had?

[00:05:50] You know, they used to say, how many is it? Somebody, uh, tell me some of you old timers. I love dealing with people with gray hair. Some of you are old timers. Tell me how [00:06:00] many. Uh, images. How many times do people need to see something before they act upon it? How about Dan? I know you don't have gray hair, Dan, but you didn't get involved before.

[00:06:12] So Dan, uh, in your estimation, how many times do people need to see something before they go ahead and act upon it? I think they need to see it probably a good five, six times, if not more. Yeah. Used to used to be very good, by the way. What do you. Marketing solutions . Ah, okay. So, you know, you would know, yeah.

[00:06:35] 5, 6, 7, a lot of people now with all the images in my, it used to be in the old days, we'd say seven before they actually act. And now it, you know, it's even more and, and by images, I mean, you know, it could be a billboard, it could be a, you know, a, obviously an ad on, on the computer. It could be a commercial, it could be all that stuff, but they see it a lot of times, but now we know that AI happens.

[00:06:56] So we see things a lot of times and we start anybody get. Let me tell you [00:07:00] something. So I talked to my wife was talking to me incessantly and I, uh, I said, I said, cha, I call her church. I said, cha, I gotta go to the bathroom. And she's like, oh, well let me finish. And so it's like later I said, Josh, I gotta go to the bathroom.

[00:07:13] So finally I go to, I come back. The next ad I saw was for like prostate medicine. I mean, that's how so somehow a company heard me say I have to go to the bathroom and it was too close together. That algorithm took place that they were gonna offer. So, you know, you see things like that. You're like, like I'm taking back, like I'm not gonna buy that stuff.

[00:07:34] You know, they're, they're in my business now, but that's how the world is. You have to have a lot of images, computers, I apologize can do a lot, lot better than you at that. And so your job is to do the attraction and the closing.

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