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FREEDOM FRIDAY: Taking 100% health responsibility

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If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that each of us needs to take 100% for our health. And yet, the programming in our society pushes us to be mere victims — because victims are consumers. Curt Mercadante discusses why in today’s episode.


[00:00:00] Curt Mercadante: Hey there, freedom lovers. This is Curt Mercadante. And you're listening to the freedom media network. I'm very grateful. You are here, whether you're a first time listener or a return visitor, either way. Thank you for being here. And if you get value out of this program, I ask you, go and spread the word.

[00:00:19] Please leave us a positive rating and review. Those are like currency to us because they signal to others that this is a show worth listening to. And I have a gift for you. In exchange. If you are a driven man who wants to free yourself from the limiting beliefs to tension the stress, the anxiety that keeps you from living your life of joy and fulfillment and freedom.

[00:00:40] Take out your smartphone right now. Text the keyword free man, F R E E M a N. All one word to the number 5, 5, 6, 7, 8. Guess what? When you do that, you're gonna tech get a text in return from me with a link where you can take our. five pillars of [00:01:00] the freedom lifestyle audio course. It's a course. You can listen to just like a podcast with actionable steps.

[00:01:06] You can take starting today to rediscover that freedom in your life. All you gotta do is take out your smartphone. Text, the keyword free man, F R E E M a N. All one word to the number 5 5, 6, 7. And we're gonna talk a little bit about health freedom today. You know, we recently had on the program, Spencer Feldman talking about how to cultivate your microbiome.

[00:01:37] He shared some incredible statistics about how important your microbiome is to you mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Right? And today I, the reason I'm referencing that is today. I wanna talk about responsibility. 100% respons. Because you can have all those facts about the [00:02:00] microbiome, but it is up to you.

[00:02:02] It's not up to your doctor. It's not up to your hospital. It's not up to the Western medical establishment to fix your microbiome. I don't care what happened when you were born. He shared some things that could destroy your microbiome. I have several of those that happened the day I was born. And since then, I don't look at that.

[00:02:21] I don't marinate in that trauma. I don't put myself in victimhood and say, oh my gosh, my microbiome was destroyed because he gave actionable steps that I am taking now to cultivate my microbiome. It's about taking responsibility for your life. Now the flip side of that is you can be a victim. Victims are not free.

[00:02:43] Freedom is your birthright, but victims. Shroud themselves in layers of shit and crap and helplessness. And if you're someone who said, well, that's someone your privilege, Kurt, that's easy for you to say. I just wanna say something to you. Every moment you [00:03:00] spend worrying about someone else's privilege is a moment you could have empowered your self and by the way, empowered others.

[00:03:08] Because I bet you're complaining to others about the privileged. You're infecting others with your mind virus. How about you empower yourself, bring people up instead of complaining about everyone else instead of taking full response ability for yourself mentally physic prosperity wise. So yeah. Spencer gave some incredible wisdom about things you can do to cultivate your microbiome.

[00:03:36] How many of you will actually do it, you know, over the last two and a half years. And if you think this is misinformation to say my God, what do we have to do to smack you in the face with facts and data? The data couldn't be any more clear, the people who are most impacted over the last two and a half years.

[00:03:56] And I won't even say the word, cuz we're not even allowed to say the word in our [00:04:00] censorship culture. We're the ones who got the sickest and died. The data is absolutely clear. So many people say they trust the data and they have no idea what the data is. So many people say, trust the government, and then they wanna ignore the government's own data.

[00:04:15] So many government officials go forth and spout data. That's actually different than the data their own agencies are producing. But the data is absolutely clear. If you were unhealthy, if you had a number of risk factors in comorbidities, you were significantly more at risk. This is why from day one. I wasn't afraid.

[00:04:36] for myself or my kids who are incredibly healthy. We take responsibility for our health. You know, John Mackey the whole foods, market CEO, and founder recently made some statements that my, I don't even know, understand how these statements are in any way controversial. He said, and I quote, [00:05:00] the best solution is not to need.

[00:05:01] He. The best solution is to change the way people eat, the way they live, the lifestyle and diet. There's no reason why people shouldn't be healthy and have a longer health span. A bunch of drugs is not gonna solve the problem. 71% of Americans are overweight and 42 and a half percent are obese. Clearly we're making bad choices in the way we eat.

[00:05:23] It's not a sustainable path. And so I'm calling it out end. how in the hell is that at all? Controversial inside said these were infuriating comments and went on to say, well, there are people in poor neighborhoods who don't have access to healthcare. They don't understand what John Mackey is saying.

[00:05:48] Healthcare. Isn't what we have in this society. And inside hook says they don't have access to healthcare. What they really mean is they don't have access to doctors or Western medicine. Well, that's the [00:06:00] problem. That's not healthcare. It's sick care. We're gonna treat the symptoms once you're sick. But how about keeping people?

[00:06:08] Well, Right. How about treating them? How about building better lifestyle choices? Instead of the programming we see in and out, I used to work for big food and big pharma. I was on their lobbying teams. I know what they do. They want you to be a victim. If you are a victim, you are a consumer. If you are unhealthy, you're likely partaking in big foods, cheap processed crap foods.

[00:06:36] There's a reason you're unhealthy. And when you do that, guess what? You're gonna be a consumer of our sick care system. You gotta buy more drugs. You gotta pay money to the hospital. Right? You see the cycle here. Watch any sporting event on the weekends. The amount, the sheer amount of farm adds, you know, someone who clearly looks unhealthy, but who's [00:07:00] eating like a bloom and onion.

[00:07:01] Right. And it's eating all these fried foods, but my gosh, they're taking a wonder drug so they can eat whatever they want. Nevermind. The fact the cancer risk, the stroke risk. Well, their stomach feels fine. What kind of programming is that? It is crap programming. It is unhealthy programming. People want to talk about misinformation.

[00:07:18] How about that? Yeah, they list the side effects, but they don't list. The fact that partaking in that is, is somehow forgiving you from healthy lifestyle habits. And what they're all doing is making you return customers of the Western medical society. If this is too tough for you to hear, then maybe you truly need to hear it.

[00:07:39] Oh, but Kurt, some people can't afford healthy food. Some people listen, anyone can go for a. By the way we have a family of six, we go to trader Joe's. You can get a inexpensive roast, right? We drive by the way, an hour and a half to get there because we prioritize health. We prioritize [00:08:00] health. We realize it's a choice.

[00:08:02] We're not victims. There's farmer markets here, but we go to trader Joe's. We get some vegetables and inexpensive roasts by the way, healthy roasts, grass fed. And we throw 'em in the crock pot in the morning. Pour some water on it. Boom. You got dinner for six. I've worked with some clients on this. Oh, healthy eating is so tough.

[00:08:20] We show 'em how to do it. Oh my gosh. If you are completely unaware. Okay. But that still is no excuse. Become an active participant in your life, but you can see the fact that someone is infuriated by John Mackey saying eat healthier and get exercise shows you the shit show that we have created in our society.

[00:08:45] There are still people who think that that what has happened over the last two years is just random and will affect. Look at the data. My gosh, it's, it's just, it's not infuriating to me. You know [00:09:00] why? You know, I interviewed, um, Mike Johnson recently on this show, go back and listen. And one of the things he said is listen, 90% of the people won't get it.

[00:09:08] 10% will. And many of the 90% don't wanna get it. It's easier to go through life unaware and unconscious and listen to just blindly, listen to authority. Blindly, listen to somebody with credentials. And there are people who are so addicted to following people, credentials, they'll, they'll follow those idiots right off a cliff.

[00:09:30] One of the things Mike Johnson also said is that people, people in authority, especially, and people with credentials, they're people, they're humans. They're followible they're corruptible. Yes. That means doctors. Not every doctor is a hero. There are some wonderful doctors out there. There are some doctors who don't know their ass from their.

[00:09:50] There are some doctors who are old and have never taken a nutritional class in their life. And if they did, maybe it was 60 years ago. I have clients, friends and relatives [00:10:00] who over the past few years have almost been killed by their doctors who got it wrong. And yet like a, like a battered spouse or partner, they keep going back to that doctor.

[00:10:15] It's like they have a spell over them. It's Stockholm syndrome. My goodness, what are we doing? It's about taking a hundred percent responsibility and you know what, if you don't wanna do it for yourself, fine, everyone can make their choices. But if you do this to your children and you program your children with fear and victimhood, and you don't teach them healthy habits, then you know what damn you damn you, you can do what you want to yourself, but if you do it to your children, what the.

[00:10:47] If you like to drug up your child when they're four, because they can't sit still in class, set them up for a, a lifetime of being hooked on legal drugs. If you're someone who doesn't like hearing this, [00:11:00] maybe you need to hear it. Start taking a hundred percent responsibility. That meeting at work is not as important as your health.

[00:11:07] That meeting at work is not more important than your child's health. You can go for a walk in the morning, you can go for a walk at night, you know, this wasn't related to health, but a few years ago I was giving a speech at a tech company in Charleston, South Carolina. And afterwards a woman came up to me and she said, you know, I've always wanted to start my own company, but I can't seem to get it going.

[00:11:29] So I asked her some questions about the company. She said, yeah, I, I, I, you know, I have this full, full time job here and I can't seem to work on it. I said, okay, what about in the morning before you go to work? Well, I'm not really a morning person. Then I rush to get out. What about your lunch hour? Well, what about when you get home from work?

[00:11:46] Well, I gotta prepare dinner for my husband. What about after that? Well, I like to sit with my husband. I said, great. Okay. What about after he goes to bed? Well, I'm not a night person. I said, okay, stop doing your side gig, [00:12:00] shut it down. She said what? I said, I gave you a series of options. There's not an additional magic option where I'm going to extend the number of hours in the.

[00:12:10] You see, she wanted me to sprinkle magic, magic pixie dust on her. It doesn't work that way. If you think that access to a hospital or a doctor is somehow going to make you healthier, right? It's like, what about your choices? What are you eating? What are you consuming? If it gets so bad that you have to visit your doctor on a regular basis?

[00:12:35] That I think perhaps you're doing it wrong. And I don't say this as a judgment because in this society, we also can't say something without offending them. Listen, I was born to an obese family. I grew up obese. I had this shit beat outta me. I was bullied. I made some changes in junior high, got healthy.

[00:12:55] And then guess what? I got back into it in my college days. It [00:13:00] contributed to the overwhelm and the anxiety and the stress and being on a cocktail prescription drugs. And 12 years ago, I said, no. And I changed my physical state. I made that change. Was it easy? No, I had to give up some stuff that I liked doing well, I should say, I like to, it gave me pleasure, temporary pleasure, but then I became truly happy.

[00:13:20] Now I had to fix some other things. And as you know, I had anxiety attacks, et cetera, that had nothing to do with my physical state. It had to do with my mental, emotional, spiritual. But the point is over the past 14, 15 years, I've made choices. I have made the choice to grab my life by the reins. I can't control on everything, but what I can do is control my habits and I don't just do it for myself.

[00:13:45] We do it with our children as well, because I can do what I want to myself, but damn me. If I instill that shit in my children,

[00:13:58] So when you hear, we talk about [00:14:00] programming, there is some insidious programming in our society. There are some people who I otherwise would trust on other issues, but I question their judgment based on how they blindly follow credentialed medical people, how they get so upset when we, they say they trust the data, and then we actually share data when people get infuriated.

[00:14:24] By John Mackey. There's a reason people get infuriated. Why? Because he knows they're correct. And that means they have to take accountability for their lives. And that means they're responsible for their lives. And that means they have to make some changes to their lives. That my friends, at least on the front end can seem a lot more daunt.

[00:14:50] Then just saying, well, I'm a victim of the food. That's at the supermarket. I'm a victim of time. I'm a victim of busy. I'm a victim of society. [00:15:00] And therefore I just have to blindly follow my doctor again. Hey, there's some doctors out there who are great. You break an arm, you do those things, but most diseases, there's something called genetic express.

[00:15:17] Depends on your environment, your stressors, what you consume in your mind and in your body has a great effect. And we've talked about this on this program before stress alone has a amazing impact on whether or not you get certain diseases. So let's stop talking about healthcare as access to a doctor or a hospital.

[00:15:42] It starts much earlier. It starts with what you're consuming in your mind, what you're consuming in your body. It starts with. Are you getting movement? Are you sitting all day? Are you staring at a screen all day? Do you say you don't have enough time? Go for a walk in the morning, go for a walk at night, go for a walk on your lunch [00:16:00] hour park, further away in the parking lot.

[00:16:02] Hell go on any social media platform. And there are a million health coaches who are giving you ready, made tips to start getting healthy today for free. I might add. So thank you for listening to this rant, because I think truly the future of the human race, we see this over the last two and a half years, they would never have been able to do lockdowns and do what they did.

[00:16:26] If we had a healthier society and a more awake, aware society who didn't blindly trust idiots with credentials, sharing bad opinions, bad data who by the way, have yet to counsel us on moving more and eating. They still haven't admitted that why? Because they want consumers and unhealthy people are consumers.

[00:16:51] Victims are consumers when you become self-aware. When you become self [00:17:00] sufficient, you are a threat. You are not part of their game and they don't have any use for you. I say this is someone who used to work for big food in big pharma. I'm not prone to conspiracy. But when your eyes are open, you can actually see, this has been the freedom media network, freedom Friday episode.

[00:17:20] I'm your host, Curt Mercadante. Thanks so much for listening.

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