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Spiritual freedom in the digital age


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Curt Mercadante interviews Jason Gregory about Jason’s new book, Spiritual Freedom in the Digital Age.

In this book, Jason reveals the psychological and spiritual damage digital technology and social media are having on the human mind, and gifts you a digital free lifestyle to reclaim your health and sanity for a better world.

Jason is an author and philosopher specializing in Eastern and Western philosophy, comparative religion, psychology, cognitive science, metaphysics, and ancient cultures. For many years he has studied the spiritual traditions and meditative practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.


  • JASON GREGORY: Spirituality allows you when you take the Inner Path and you meditate, you focus on yourself. Maybe you also take care of you, the way you eat the way and you start to focus on the way you think what you'll notice is that in the external world, things will begin to change. Maybe that friend that was toxic that you were constantly bumped into, or hung around, they'll slowly exit your life. And, you know, things of this nature and maybe the politics that you were attracted to, you stop even focusing on politics altogether and you’re focusing more on yourself and and in focusing on yourself, you know, that, that can actually help the world.

  • JASON GREGORY: I remember a teacher in India, once back in the day, when I was, when I was pretty green to it, a Vedanta, and he used the actual, the windscreen wiper analogy. He said, when you drive a car, and you turn the windscreen wiper on, are you moving, your head like this, watching the windscreen wiper or are you looking at the road, and, he said, focus on the road, stop letting your head move here and there based on whatever the world wants you to focus on.

  • CURT MERCADANTE: I'm getting on a rant here, but did you ever see the movie… it was 2008… Wall-E? It was a Pixar movie about. Yeah, I have, yeah, actually, I've seen it. It was in 2008 and there's this thing where all the humans are now in a starship staring at screens and their entire food is just brought to them and they suck it out of a milk shake. They're all round, okay, You see Wall-E from 2008. We're moving toward that. Yeah. Yeah staring at a screen sucking out of the milkshake. Like not even knowing that they don't even know that they can stand and walk. Yeah, and it's like I go back to that it’s like that was a documentary.

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