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Some people aren't ready for the awakening

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"You have this information and you just have to share it with others. 'Oh my gosh, there's these people I love in my family, and if they only had this information, their lives would be better.' And so we share that information. And what happens? We get more frustrated and then they get pushed away. See, the deal is some people just aren't ready for the information." — Curt Mercadante

When you start to become more awake and aware, you want to share the information with people you love.

But some of those people just aren’t ready for the information.

Learn more in this solo episode with Curt Mercadante.

Raw Transcript of this Episode:

[00:00:00] Curt Mercadante: Hey, there are freedom lovers.. This is the Freedom Media Network and it is a Monday episode, and I know on Monday episodes you're used to hearing interviews. Well, today you get little old me, sorry, not sorry. You know, we're in the thick of the holiday season, and with that, there's two topics I'd like to discuss with you.

[00:00:19] The first of which is, Okay. And, and you might have dealt with this a few weeks ago, uh, during Thanksgiving, but we come together around the holiday dinner table with relatives, with people we grew up with, some of whom have different views on religion, politics, vaccines, covid, whatever it is, right? We see the memes, we see these self-help articles about how to approach the holiday.

[00:00:44] Now the truth of the matter is when I was growing up, we didn't necessarily know the innermost thoughts and political views of our uncles and aunts and parents and all that, right? A lot of times they kept it to themselves, but now they're, they might be Facebook friends. So we [00:01:00] wake up in the morning and we find the innermost thoughts of our relative that they posted at three in the morning with a ton of caps and typos, and they're so damn angry about Trump or Biden.

[00:01:08] And so we see that. We developed this in our head and we know we have to sit next to 'em at the holiday dinner. I mean, hell,

[00:01:15] I've

[00:01:15] Curt Mercadante: had relatives, probably you've had relatives who've actually disinvited people from holiday dinners because they differ on politics, religion, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

[00:01:26] Now, certainly coming out of the last two or three years, it's probably taken it up a. . I mean, heck, in 2019, 2018, 1716, we had the whole Trump thing going on, right? We still have that going on. Now, you throw on top of that everything that's happened in the Covid era. Now, I mentioned covid. I'm probably gonna be getting marked as disinformation.

[00:01:47] Well, here's the deal. What I've noticed, I'm not gonna give you advice on, on how to deal with politics and religion at the holiday dinner. . But one thing I've noticed, I was talking to a client the other day, and over the past several years, [00:02:00] he's become more awake and aware, awake and aware to the things that he sees really going on in the world.

[00:02:06] He's become more awake and aware mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and as he comes around, some family members, they actually mock him. Right. The way he's living his life, maybe it's through natural health. Maybe it's, oh my gosh, God forbid something crazy like meditation. Maybe it's more kindness.

[00:02:26] Maybe it's breath work. They actually openly mock him. They call him a hippie Now, he's not the only client that deals with this. Hell, I've dealt with it. Our family has dealt with it. I know a lot of people who have dealt with it over the last couple years as the insanity in the world has woken up more people to what's really going on in the.

[00:02:45] Now, I worked in politics for decades and I was part of the narrative, part of the Matrix, right? I was in charge of convincing people. Actually, I found an op-ed that I ghost wrote. This was several years ago. Found it the other day. I ghost wrote [00:03:00] criticizing moms who had the audacity to care about. And control what drugs are injected into their children's arm.

[00:03:10] I wrote that. Now I have much different views now. I remember going to the American Dietetic Association. Confab conference, whatever it was, cuz I was for my clients at the time, for my employer at the time, touting the benefits of high fructose corn syrup. There were a lot of things I touted a lot of things.

[00:03:29] I espoused a lot of people I criticized over the years because that was part of my belief of what I thought was true and hell. It helped that people were paying the bills for him. Since then, though, I've had an awake. I'm more aware of what really goes on, especially over the last several years, the debacle that we have seen, the fraudulent lockdowns, what we're seeing now with people being pressured and getting the shot.

[00:03:56] I've had people in my family who have been [00:04:00] physically affected, who have died because of these issues. So it's very important to me. And so I know there's a lot of people who have become more awake and. and they get mocked for it. Because you see, when you, when you first awaken, you become more aware. You get so excited.

[00:04:17] You have this information and you just have to share it with others. Oh my gosh, there's these people I love in my family, and if they only had this information, their lives would be better. And so we share that information. And what response do we get? Oh, we're conspiracy theorists. We're tinfoil hat people.

[00:04:35] What the heck are you doing? Just take your medicine, shut up. Just go to work all day and shut up. And so then we're hurt and frustrated. We see them engaging in behaviors that we can see has physical, emotional, spiritual impacts on them. They don't even see it. We do. And so we get frustrated and we sh try to share more information.

[00:04:55] And what happens? We get more frustrated and then they get pushed away. [00:05:00] See, the deal is some people just aren't ready. For the information yet, you may be someone who started listening to this podcast because of one of my branding or sales episodes, and you're listening to this thinking, Kurt's crazy, right?

[00:05:14] You will think that you're not ready for the information that I have. And by the way, there's probably things and beliefs that you have that I'm not ready for. It's okay. You know, I go back to the gospel. Jesus said, don't cast pearls before swine. What he was basically saying is what I'm saying today.

[00:05:34] which is some people just aren't ready for the information. And when you share the information, don't be surprised when they mock you, when they push you to the side. I saw someone the other day on LinkedIn call people who didn't get the vaccinations for their kids because of individual choice. He said they're part of a cult.

[00:05:50] He said That will happen, and you know who loves the division. You know who loves the division, the people who are selling the division, who are [00:06:00] profiting from the division. The politicians love the division. Division creates fear and anger that drives votes. You know, who else loves the division? The people selling the products that were divided over.

[00:06:15] You don't think big pharma loves it when people on LinkedIn call people who don't want to take a certain drug and mandate to take a certain drug. When you call them cult, of course they love it. You know how I know this? I used to be in charge. I used to be one of the people fomenting, fear and anger for big pharma, for big food for other companies, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to undo the damage that I see that I have done.

[00:06:43] Some people just aren't ready for the information, and as much as you want to share it, you can't convince and convert them. You can't convince and convert them. Here's what you can do. You can continue living your best life. [00:07:00] It's not selfish. In fact, it's very selfless. I work with men most of whom are dads.

[00:07:06] It's damn selfless to look after your family and not raise your family, not create an environment for your family based on the beliefs of others. You know, we happen to homeschool. I love everyone. There's some people who who don't wanna homeschool and that's great, but I know people who really wanna homeschool who have stopped homeschooling because they've been berated by the people they.

[00:07:28] Let me ask you, if someone really loves you, are they gonna criticize you or are they gonna welcome you? Are they gonna congratulate you on doing things that you feel are best for you and your family? Now, here's the deal. They, they probably do love you, but it's their insecurity. You've also upset the apple cart of their comfort zone.

[00:07:49] No matter how miserable they are, a comfort zone is still a comfort zone. The subtitle of my book is called Escaping Your Comfort Zone of Misery.[00:08:00]

[00:08:00] I know people, I have a client, no matter how much a doctor has completely fucked up his life, misprescribed things almost killed him. He keeps going back to him. It's like a battered spouse syndrome. You keep messing with me. You keep ruining my health and I keep coming back to you. I mean, look at the last 40 years, we've become the most unhealthy society in human history.

[00:08:25] Maybe we're living longer over the, I saw some stats over the past several years, longevity's actually decreasing. But even if we are living longer, we're living longer with more anxiety, more stress, more disease, cancer on the rise, obesity is on the. Go walk around your local mall and you'll see it. Then travel to Europe.

[00:08:42] You'll notice a big difference. Our public health regime in this country has failed miserably. And I'm not just talking about the last three years of failures and fraudulent lockdowns. They have failed in any every which way and. [00:09:00] There are those who keep going back to them. Now, you and I may be aware and awake, but there are those who are so programmed to believe in that industry that no matter how much that industry screws them over, they'll keep going back.

[00:09:13] And you know what? They're not ready for your information yet. So what you have to do, what you can do, you don't have to do anything. What you can do, what I invite you to do is live your best life. Live a life of health. Live a life of joy and fulfillment. You don't even have to tell them about it. They will see it.

[00:09:35] And some of the people who see you living your best life, guess what? Some of them will finally come to the realization that, you know what I want? Some of that, they may never even say it to you, but they start doing their own research. Some of them will come up. And they'll say, you know what, Kurt? You know what Jim Jane, whatever your name is, I see you living this life.

[00:09:56] How do you do it? How can I do that? But you know what? There's [00:10:00] gonna be plenty of people who see it and just turn the other way. Like all of us, they have limiting beliefs that make them believe that they have to live in their comfort zone of misery. And some of those people not only just will turn the other way, they will openly mock.

[00:10:22] It's just like a bully in grade school. It comes from a place of insecurity and low self-esteem, and if you try to fight fire with fire and meet force with force, it just goes up from DEFCON two to three, to four to five, and then you have an argument at the dinner table, whatever it is, just smile. in your mind.

[00:10:50] Just think, oh my gosh, I'm sorry for this person and I love them. You don't have to fight them. They're coming from a place of insecurity, not a place of power or strength. [00:11:00] You keep living your life. The best way that you can spread joy is to be joyful. The best way that you can quote, convince and convert others in your world to live their best life of health, of harmony, of balance.

[00:11:17] Used to live a life of good health and harmony and balance.

[00:11:23] What is it? It's the old Gandhi quote. Be the change you wanna see in the world. You know, a lot of people quote that and do everything, but that's absolutely true. Be the change. Don't wake up in the morning saying, how can I change the world? Wake up in the morning and saying, damn it, I'm happy. I'm grateful.

[00:11:38] Joy is not an end result. Result, joy is a cause. As I've said before, freedom isn't something you'll go get. Freedom is your birthright. You start from there and know and realize that you have the freedom to create whatever the hell you want. And the people who see you and criticize you for doing that, they have the freedom to do the same.

[00:11:57] but they've chosen their freedom to do something else. [00:12:00] And as much as we want to give them that information, some people just aren't ready for it. And when you try to give that information to someone who isn't open to it, to someone who isn't ready, it's like beating your head against the wall. Not only are you frustrated, but you push them away,

[00:12:21] it's fine. It's okay. It's always been that way. And I know it's frustrating as hell to see people in your lives. Hell, some of them die because they have bought an into. They've bought into this myth of the past couple years. We see them, we see people getting sick. We see people on camera, sudden death, whatever the hell we want to call it.

[00:12:45] Oh, it's just a random inflammation of the heart that caused that death, and we know. And when that happens in your family, there's other people in your family who will not accept it. They won't even allow you to broach the subject, [00:13:00] and it makes you mad as hell and being angry as hell. Listen, it's happened in my family and I know exactly what it's like and I get angry as hell, and that is a valid emotion, but I don't have to take it out on them.

[00:13:11] What I can do is realize that just like me, they are programmed in a certain. And just like me, it might take years to Deprogram to become aware and awake, but they're just not ready for it and may never be. It's not my job to push them through the Matrix. You remember the movie The Matrix? One of the things that Morpheus said is, you have to choose Neo.

[00:13:35] You have to choose the red pill or the blue pill. I cannot force you to do it while the same thing applies, some people aren't open. Some people aren't ready to be aware and awake. Some people aren't ready to upset the comfort zone of their lives, and you can't force 'em. And the more you try to force them, the more you push them away, the more frustrated you are and the more you create that.[00:14:00]

[00:14:01] So you keep living your best life. You keep creating your best life. You keep doing what is in the best interest of you and your family, and do not allow them to browbeat you. Do not allow them to force you to do it. If you have a strong belief, then you stick to that belief. But don't think that everyone is ready to have the same beliefs as you.

[00:14:22] They simply are. Now the other topic I wanted to talk about is an article that we have up on freedom media Right now it's about a funny looking mushroom called lions may. Now, the reason I bring this up is I know this is the time of year when seasonal depression can set in. You know, my, my father passed away on December 1st.

[00:14:47] We had another relative pass away in December and for years December, and the holidays was filled with anxiety and stress and depression for me. So I know what it's like. So we [00:15:00] put up this article on Freedom Media Lions Main Mushrooms. There's a link there. You can get it from Cultivate Elevate.

[00:15:06] Matt Roski has been on this show. He's the founder of Cultivate Elevate. You can go there, get a link and get some Lions, main mushroom organic, but lions main mushroom. It actually looks like a lions main. We have links to three studies. Three studies

[00:15:21] showing how lions mane can help increase dopamine, reduce depression, help with anxiety, and it's all natural. It's not a harmful drug that you gotta get a prescription for. It's natural, it's organic. There's a link to cultivate there where you can get their lions made. It's lab tested for purity, for heavy metals, all that crap, which can cause more anxiety by the way.

[00:15:47] You don't have to go to your doctor. Doesn't have a ton of side effects. All that lion's main mushroom. I get my powder, my lion's main powder, and. Put a little teaspoon in my coffee every morning. [00:16:00] Maybe it offsets the, uh, the jitters I get from the coffee. Actually, I don't get jitters from coffee anyways.

[00:16:05] Go to freedom media If seasonal depression is something you deal with, look for ways to deal with it naturally. Become more mindful. Meditation BR breathwork. And there are a lot of super foods like lions Main REI mushroom. You can find as well. Go to freedom media

[00:16:24] Read that article, check it out for yourself, do the research. I'm not telling you what to do, but I invite you to read it, do the research, um, and maybe it's something that will help you. . I hope you enjoy the information you get here. And by the way, if anything I've said that you disagree with, hey, that's wonderful.

[00:16:41] We're not all gonna agree with everything. Maybe you've stopped listening by this point because of something I said about health or vaccines or this or that. Hey, that's fine as well. You weren't ready for that information. I get it. I understand it. My job isn't to convince and convert you, but to those of you who have become more [00:17:00] awake and.

[00:17:02] Don't let that negative energy into your life by beating your head against the wall and trying to convert people who aren't open to the information. Just a little bit of advice. I've learned it the hard way. . This is the Freedom Media Network. My name is Curt Mercadante. Thank you so much for listening.


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