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Part 2: Holographic Health & Wellness Screenings


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"And when I read that I went, I think you're already pregnant. She has high estrogen and that will, if your estrogen is high, that will affect your thyroid hormones. And so turns out that she was pregnant, she didn't know." — Jonathan Rickert

This episode is Part Two from a recent workshop held in our private Freedom Circle membership group and featuring Jonathan Rickert discussing the power of Holographic Health & Wellness Screenings.

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In this episode, Jonathan shares real-life case studies of clients who have made tremendous impact on their health and wellness through their work with Jonathan via Holographic Health & Wellness Screenings.

These episodes are taken from a recent workshop in our Freedom Circle membership group.

Jonathan has been practicing, studying and teaching Yoga, Meditation and breathwork in many forms for over 20 years beginning with a degree focus on Yogic Arts from the University of Rochester under the tutelage of Dr. Douglas Brooks and Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega in 1999. In the following years he was trained in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Neuromeditation, Open Focus, Ayurveda and Mindfulness. He incorporates Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and EPI (electro-photonic imaging) with private clients to personalize lifestyle, meditation and yogic practices.


JONATHAN RICKERT: [00:00:00] Here. I have a couple of case studies to show you, um, that I thought were, that I thought were interesting. And this was somebody that I saw a few months ago who, uh, is 32. She, uh, wants to get pregnant. She wants to have an ideal pregnancy now, by the way, you can essentially put to this device, um, Any type of question in any context, most people will come to it for, for physical health, uh, issues, challenges, or just simply optimization.

[00:00:35] Um, but some people will come to it with. You know, concerns around emotions or concerns around psychology or concerns with a relationship with a significant other, or concerns around developing and growing their business or their professional life or, or, or just generalized prosperity. And so it has a built-in AI that will take that question.

[00:00:57] You can see here. Um, [00:01:00] it's kind of in the top center says, what are the best solutions for getting the rest of the question is getting, um, getting pregnant and having a healthy. Um, but you can put any kind of question in there and it will take that question. And map it against all these data points on the left left center call on.

[00:01:18] You can see all these data points there, and they're not all show them, but folders that include, uh, allergy, sensitivities, homeopathics, pathogens, toxins, psychology emotions, uh, their spiritual stuff in there. I mean, there's so much in there that I don't know everything that's in there and it will rank order through resonance.

[00:01:39] What the top items are. And so you can see there's two purples here and then a whole bunch of Browns and below that some yellows. So purple means, um, highly significant and acute that this is, uh, Coleen, but tartrate is a, is a supplement that you can take for [00:02:00] liver assistance. Okay. So it's saying this is an important supplement to take now, but probably a week from now.

[00:02:08] That's not true. Um, I don't know what the blue demon alcohol entity is that just showed up in her scan. I asked her about that she had been drinking comfortable nights before, but this is sort of a timeframe. The purples work in a timeframe of about a week. Okay. Someone has a chronic. Or, uh, they, they want to create a big baseline change in their life.

[00:02:33] We focus in on the Browns. So the Browns are stuff. They're either issues that have been longstanding or they're solutions that need to be, um, implemented over a long period of time. The yellows are less significant, and I really only look at those. To get a bit more background information about the situation.

[00:02:54] And then the other thing to see here is circles and squares. And so circles are represent that the [00:03:00] person has some conscious awareness of the issue or of this data point a square means they don't have that, or they're denying its existence. So the second item on here, it says negatively affected by electromagnetic ratio.

[00:03:17] So this is like, here's the power of this device. This person is in Santa Barbara. I'm here in Sedona, we're doing a scan and this comes up essentially instantaneously the scan produces results. And, um, saying, uh, you, you know, it's saying you're negatively affected by electromagnetic ration. Does that mean anything?

[00:03:40] She goes, oh my God, that's so weird. Uh, I live on this ranch and the only internet connection that we have is Starlink and it's in my bedroom. It's like right behind my bed. And there's, there's no cell phone service. There's no other electromagnetic radiation on this person's property and they're on a [00:04:00] hundred acre ranch.

[00:04:01] And then you can see further down three items from the bottom of brown use EMF protection device. And. So obviously that was the first thing that they, that they had addressed. They were able to move that star link transmitter to a completely different area. And, and then the other thing that really popped out to me was the psychological component negatively effected by entanglement with a controlling person.

[00:04:29] I said, does that mean anything to you? And she said, yeah, I have a lot of problems with my mother, especially now that I'm thinking about getting pregnant and they're really coming. And my mom is really controlling. And so that became pretty obvious that that is an issue that she needs to, um, to address.

[00:04:48] And then on the more physical level, you can see free T4 too high. So this is thyroid hormone. Um, a few, a few notches down. You can see S3 all this is Astra. It's a [00:05:00] type one estrogen. And when I read that, I went, I think you're already. Um, she, she has high estrogen and that will, if your estrogen is high, that will affect your thyroid hormones.

[00:05:14] And so it turns out that she was pregnant. She didn't know it because she was in this like period of not knowing. Um, and, and so. She ended up going away with a number of these items, pinned these affirmations pinned to send that information to her. A couple of the supplements pinned like the Coleen, the Mullen, the panics, Jen saying some of these other things sent.

[00:05:39] And then I ended up referring her out to another person to help deal with this controlling personality. So, uh, and by the way, if anybody has any questions, just open up your mic and let.

[00:05:56] That's amazing. You know, she was pregnant and [00:06:00] we've done, we've done a couple of these scans and I was having severe stomach issues. I mean, just, and I changed everything from a biological point of view and nothing. And we found a number of things in this, that, that I went out and did emotionally, uh, some other things, some other people.

[00:06:20] And within like a week was completely back to normal. And so it's, it's absolutely amazing. And I didn't even know. I'm like, I don't care. And as you look, there's one thing I wanna, I wanna, and they, they address this in this book is you might say, well, it's just a placebo. You really believe in it. And so it's working well.

[00:06:41] Isn't that interesting then? And why do we not study the placebos as much as we study any drugs? And in the holographic universe, there's actually a whole chapters about certain drugs, you know, in the UK, everyone here right in the U S is programmed to say, if you're having a heart attack quickly, go and take a, what does anyone know?

[00:06:59] If you're having a [00:07:00] heart attack, go pop a what? Aspirin. Right. They don't do that in the UK. They were never programmed to. I can't remember it's in the book, but it's a phenomenal, there's like 57% increase in death. Even if you take aspirin in the UK. Why? Because people don't believe they haven't been programmed to believe that it works.

[00:07:22] I think, um, ADHD medicines, all these other medicines, the placebos in some cases are 60, 70% as effective. So why don't we start at the placebo? Placebos or free monetize it. Yeah. Right, exactly. So the placebos are actually real and I was going to say, so what if it's a placebo? No, not so what the placebo actually matters.

[00:07:47] And when I say matters, it's actually affecting your matter. So, uh, it it's really it's really, um, I just can't, it's, it's been huge and I didn't even know how it was like, Hey, let's meet up. And you told me about this. I'm like, yeah, I'll [00:08:00] try it. And it was like, Boom. And we just did another one last week.

[00:08:03] And, and Chris chambers, I know some of you here know, uh, that's how I found Chris, because the, literally the stuff showed up here and there were some other synchronicities that happen with you having a call with Chris right before that. And so anyways, I won't go down that rabbit. It's it's pretty. Yeah.

[00:08:21] I'm glad you brought that up. I mean, this, I think your case is, it is an example. I would say it's probably it's the norm rather than the exception where someone's having an issue in one domain of their life. And when I'm saying domain I'm, I'm classifying it as what level of the. They're having an issue in their physical body.

[00:08:44] So they go, okay. The issue is in my physical body, that must be where the problem originated and where I'm going to solve the problem. But we're integrated, we're integrated through the holographic principle. And [00:09:00] so what's more common that I see when doing these scans is the thing that shifts something.

[00:09:07] Out of that old pattern and into a more transformative pattern or a more successful pattern is occurring in another domain of the. And it's really, we get this kind of re dactic pigeonholed, um, view of how things should be. And the more we tend to hyper focus on where we think the issue is, the more blinded we become to other elements in our life that are influencing us, uh, there, um, Yeah, I know.

[00:09:36] We're I have another, I have a male case B I'm. Usually when I'm speaking to females, I try to have female cases when I'm speaking males to try to have male cases, but this is just ironically, another sec, 32 year old female. And this lady is, um, was having upper GI dysfunction. Um, you can't really tolerate food.

[00:09:57] Can't tolerate alcohol was like [00:10:00] how the whole thing started was just kind of interesting, um, and was also hypothyroid. And so she came onto the call and I was like, how are you doing? She's like, ah, my parents were just in town and they love drinking wine and they always have great wine. And every time I drink with them, it takes me like three days.

[00:10:18] And so I'm just, I don't sleep well. I get brain foggy, you know, all this stuff and say, okay, so that, wasn't what she came in for. She came in for this upper GI. And so, um, she's telling me the story that how she's become overly sensitive to gluten and all these other foods. And, uh, occasionally she will vomit.

[00:10:40] Um, and she there's there's doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to why it happened. She's gone through, uh, elimination, diets, and CBO, uh, stuff and optimizing hydrochloric acid and bile and pancreatic enzymes. And it's just not. Um, as, [00:11:00] okay, well, when did this start? How long ago to start and for her, it started about 15 years ago.

[00:11:05] Okay. What were the circumstances in which it started and. And she was in Italy with her fiance and they were, and he basically backed out while they were over there, just kind of having a trip together. And, and that was the circumstance in which this whole, you know, downstream, upper GI dysfunction happened.

[00:11:32] And so you can see the second. And so again, I'm focusing on the Browns because there's a long standing. The second item here is negatively affected with entanglement, with a negative person. And I said, you know what that means? And she goes, yeah, it sounds like my ex it sounds like my ex well, cording something, the Christian verse talks about a lot in the other healers that work in sort of energy, the energy medicine sector, energy psychology cording is like usually considered a negative [00:12:00] thing where there is some type of bind or bond between two people.

[00:12:05] That is negative. And so I thought that was really interesting that it picked that up is kind of the nut, the second item on the list, the first item being an affirmation for her to employ. Um, so that was, that was really interesting. And I was like, I've got to go see Chris and get that cord severed. And the fourth item down was crypto spiral tests.

[00:12:27] I didn't know what this was. Some of, you may even know what this is, but, uh, crypto payroll is a by-product of hemoglobin breakdown, your white, your red blood cells. And if it is too high, um, it can cause people to accumulate copper. In their body, which causes a whole host of problems. One of them being copper will, will prevent your body from absorbing zinc.

[00:12:55] They're inversely related to one another. If you have high copper, you will have low zinc. You [00:13:00] have high zinc, you will have low copper. So if you ever look at the copper zinc supplements are usually together in a specific. So one of the other tests that I do for people is hair metal and mineral analysis.

[00:13:12] And it's commonly known that this is what happens. So, um, that explains her hypo thyroid condition, because if your copper is too high, it will decrease thyroid hormone. And it turns out there were one or two other issues where, where she, um, needed. She was zinc deficient. It's not in this panel that you're seeing here on the screen.

[00:13:38] It was on another panel that we looked at, um, inside one of these folders is a supplement panel and it was saying, you know, number one thing to take is zinc. Well, interestingly, crypto PI role can be inherited from your family. If they are alcoholic, I said, does that mean anything to you? [00:14:00] Yeah. All everybody in my family is a high functioning alcoholic they're lawyers or doctors, and they drink a lot and I go, that's so crazy.

[00:14:10] And one of the symptoms of, of having high crypto pyro is you cannot tolerate alcohol. You feel like crap for three days. Basically. So she didn't believe it. And she went and ordered a serum test of crypto spiral and they came back. So she sent me, she sent me the screenshot of her blood test. It was like, I cannot believe it's.

[00:14:33] So it's simple for her in her case, she just has a supplement, zinc, and B6 obviously stay away from alcohol and everything started to rebalance in her system as a result of handling the entanglement with this person. And also just adjusting for this crypto PI role, um, uh, genetic inheritance that she had.[00:15:00]

[00:15:01] And, um, the third case study I have here is a 55 year old male. And this is an interesting, I want it, I was trying to provide different contexts that people ask questions. So this person went to like a, kind of like a spiritual school and, uh, they were a referral from another graduate of their class. Who I had done a scan with and his complaint was he used to be able to access the mystical experiences regularly, but he can't do it anymore.

[00:15:35] And so we had to go through a, uh, a history kind of, uh, intake of when, what was going on and all that stuff when we put it in there. And I'm, I'm like, I'm seeing a lot of. Of hormonal stuff in your scan and liver stuff and your scan and the liver basically [00:16:00] manages and metabolism of all the hormones and the first line item here everybody can see is endocrine systems evaluation.

[00:16:09] Um, liver toxicity a little bit further down. This Lin is a liver supplement seeking health optimal PC liquid is a liver supplement. Okay. Nor epinephrine is a hormone. Um, there was more going down further in the screen. So I asked of you, I said, I can't, I can't see your body, but you know, I can only see your face, but are you your ideal weight?

[00:16:36] And he said, no, I'm not. I'm about 125 pounds overweight. Okay. Um, and have you had a hormonal panel run? He's like, yeah, actually I had one. Run, um, last summer. So not a year ago. And the doctor told me that my estrogen levels look like a pregnant one. [00:17:00] Uh, well, what looks like happening to me with your weight being not ideal, and this, this hormonal panel is that you have, and it was showing in another window that I didn't take a screenshot of.

[00:17:15] It was showing that he was estrogen dominant. And one of the common characteristics of being estrogen dominant is waking. And it will also disregulate a lot of other systems in the body when you have estrogen dominance. And what handles the amount of estrogen in your system is your liver? Well, he has liver toxicity, meaning that the liver is unable to manage and metabolize the excess.

[00:17:41] And, and in another panel we saw he had some high metal toxicity that was causing the liver to be downregulated, which was preventing the estrogen or preventing the metabolism of estrogen. So on a physiological level, that was going that's what was going on? I know it sounds [00:18:00] weird. You trying to access mythical states and it's talking about managing your hormones and metals in your room.

[00:18:06] On the next one here. This is the psychology and emotions panel. And number one, and number three items on hearsay, abusive mother and father. And I asked him how his childhood was and how his relationship is with his parents. And he said, oh, that's good. You know, um, My childhood was okay. And I'm thinking, okay, well, there's squares.

[00:18:28] Meaning he's either unaware of what happened because the trauma was so bad that he's just kind of blocked it out of his memory, or he is aware of it, but he's just denying himself how bad it was denying, denying to himself, how bad. And he said, that's really interesting because when I was at the spiritual center, they kept telling me that one of the, the biggest thing that was going to prevent me from growing spiritually was childhood trauma that I had.[00:19:00]

[00:19:00] And, and so like, I didn't know that he didn't tell me that just popped up in the machines. So I, I don't, I am able to send the device can send some healing, emotional, um, therapies, some psychology stuff. But when it's deeply rooted, I usually refer those out to people who can manage that kind of thing.


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