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Lessons learned in powerlifting and business


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"Either you lift the weight, or you don't lift the weight. If you don't lift the weight, there's no one to blame but yourself." — Pete Primeau

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What are some lessons Pete Primeau learned as a champion powerlifter that he has brought to his 40 year career in mattress and furniture sales?

He discusses with Curt Mercadante in this episode.

In addition winning several world and national championships, Primeau set twenty-six national and world records.

This episode is taken from Curt's full discussion with Primeau, which you can find here.

Pete Primeau, president of Primeau Furniture Sales, joins Curt Mercadante to discuss increasing the profits for your freedom business in 2022 — and how to navigate the current supply chain messes and inflationary quagmires.

Though Pete works in the furniture industry, the challenges facing this industry are the same ones that have impacted and are still impacting retailers and other businesses across the country. Coming out of the “COVID era,” these businesses now face a double-gut punch of inflation and supply chain messes.

For the past 40 years, Pete has helped furniture retailers succeed by growing their volume and profits. He is the author of Sell A Million! 101 Tips for Furniture & Mattress Store Owners to Sell A Million Dollars or More This Year!

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