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Dean: A ‘diagnosis’ is one of the ‘most dangerous’ things in healthcare

What is one of the biggest dangers of our current healthcare system, according to Dr. Jason Dean, a chiropractic physician certified in nutrition response testing?

“I think one of the most dangerous things on the face of the planet in healthcare is having a diagnosis.”

“I think one of the most dangerous things on the face of the planet in healthcare is having a diagnosis,” he said. “Why do I say that? Because when you go in and you get something, you get all these tests run. And I have no problem with tests being run. But then they say, ‘You, whoever, John Doe, you have cardiovascular disease. You have cancer. You have diabetes. You have whatever, auto-immune.’ It does not matter. But what happens is, they're labeling a bag of symptoms.

“The problem is, unfortunately, in America, we put physicians up there slightly above God. But guess what? God is above my pay grade. That's why I listen to the body. I want to know what the body's telling me because it was created much stronger than my mind can go over.”

Dean is founder of Palmer Natural Health and also host of the Revolution Network podcast.

Dean said when doctors come and tell patients, “well, we looked over your tests and you have cancer” or “you have cardiovascular disease,” the patients then “own” the diagnosis.

“That is one of the most dangerous things, and this goes into the placebo effect, when you tell somebody they have something, that person can start manifesting those exact things because, keep in mind, 60 to 80% of diseases today are psychosomatic, meaning you have it up here, and you start creating it in your mind,” he said. “And a lot of people are like, ‘Oh my God, he's talking woo-woo.’ No, that's provable. That's scientific.”

Dean cited a controlled study in which patients who received “fake” arthroscopic knee surgery (i.e., a placebo) experienced similar benefits to those who had full arthroscopic surgery. Similar studies exist, spanning a wide array of health issues. In fact, a 2014 paper published by Dr. Irving by the National Center for Biotechnology Information at the National Institutes for Health says that “placebos...are almost as effective as antidepressants, but elicit far fewer side effects.”

“Amazing. Mindblowing,” said Dean, who said that the “programming” that comes with a diagnosis of illness “goes so deep that that person now owns that.”

He said that instead of a “healthcare system”, the United States actually has a “commodity sick care” system in which “there are large price tags put on your body” for diagnoses of various illnesses.

“What we have now is a doctor who gets paid over and over and over again to try to get you well,” he said. “This insurance monster absolutely forces doctors to do things that they do not want to do.”

That’s why he believes so many physicians are retiring or opting to join “membership practices,” such as the one Dean runs, in which patients aren’t just treated when they are “sick.”

“At the end of the day, people want to just feel like they're being taken care of. They want to feel like someone cares,” he said. “I mean, I hug my patients. We're a caring practice. Other practices, even MDs, the ones who are in these memberships-type practices, there's a care that comes with it, and people are willing to pay maybe a monthly thing because they know that that physician, that nurse practitioner, we go home thinking about you. We want to make sure you're well every time you come in.”

Dean said such a membership practice isn’t geared toward putting a “label on somebody who gets sicker and sicker and sicker.”

“We're taking the label off of people, and we're saying, you know what? Your body has a natural ability to heal. You're a God-gifted creation,” he said. “Whether you believe in creation or not, it doesn't matter. Something put you here. Your body was created to heal. Let's find out why it's not, and then let's send your body down the road from a standpoint of prevention at all costs. Because once you start doing that, you look after your dietary needs, you fix your kitchen, you will fix your healthcare.”

View Dean’s full discussion with Mercadante by clicking here.

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