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How to tap into the Law of Attraction

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


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Troy Casey, also known as the "Certified Health Nut," went from international Versace model to health aficionado to international health influencer. Did he tap the Law of Attraction to make this happen?

"I am, I can, I have, I choose. Now it may take a little bit of time, so you got to be patient and then you got to be consistent."

"The problem is with the law of attraction, if people ruminate and focus on what they want and then they don't get it, and then they ruminate and focus on what they don't have," Casey told Freedom Media Network Founder Curt Mercadante. And then that keeps them in a negative feedback loop."

Casey said at one point, he was living in Los Angeles and needed "Twenty Gs a month" to thrive with kids in private schools and consuming expensive, organic food.

He said the key is getting your goal up on a whiteboard and crystallized and then applying what his alchemy teacher taught him: "Love, truth, wisdom."

"So your dream, or your love, or whatever you want is over here," he said, holding up one hand. "And then, where you're at is right here (holding up his other hand), juxtaposed to where you're at, it creates tension. By law, tension must be resolved. That's the lead into the gold, or the love, truth, and wisdom."

"It's not about where the destination, it's about who you become," said Casey.

Watch Casey's discussion with Mercadante about the Law of Attraction above...

And you can listen to or watch their full, wide-ranging discussion here:

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