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How to be productive with purpose


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"There's five questions we should ask ourselves every morning. The first one is, 'what is it that I want?' The second one is, 'what and when do I want it?' The third is, 'why do I want it?' The fourth question is, 'what am I willing to do?' And the fifth question, and here lies to success: 'What am I not willing to do?'" — Joe Pici

In this episode, Joe Pici shares some simple questions you can use to define your purpose so that you can be more productive — but more productive on your right path.

This episode taken from a longer workshop in our Freedom Circle Virtual Men’s Community.

Crowned with the highly coveted ranking of #1 in the world for sales training and keynote speaking by Global Gurus, Joe Pici is a strategist for top professionals and coach specializing in results driven training through Rapport MasteryTM. Since 1992 he has spoken across 4 continents and functioned as a catalyst for corporate teams and individuals, helping them to create purpose, direction and activation.

COO and co-founder of Pici & Pici Inc and host of The Sales Edge podcast, Joe is a human behavior expert, author and intellectual resource behind the best selling book, Sell Naked on the Phone. Joe has expanded this knowledge and coaching expertise into a comprehensive, turn-key system for success in sales.

He has had the honor and responsibility of sharing this methodology as a speaker, trainer and coach for hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies world wide.

Raw Transcript of this Episode:

[00:00:00] Joe Pici: Today we're gonna cover your business purpose, but you can use this model for any facet of your life, health, whatever your purpose is. Three things you have to create clarity of, of what you want. So the three things in creating clarity is what is it that you want, when do you want it, and why do you want it?

[00:00:25] So, because I don't know each and every one of you, but because I know. And if you're on with Curt, you're entrepreneurial minded. You probably have either a, a primary business or a secondary business. But when you get to the what, the best thing to do is put a tangible number. So for example, if you have a business, what type of income do you want this business to generate?

[00:00:55] Because if you get this top box filled out, then you [00:01:00] can seek the freedom lifestyle with Kurt, because Curt is the most efficient person I've met for getting a lot done in a little bit of time so he can spend more time with his family. So the first thing is, what is it that you want to accomplish? I would make.

[00:01:18] Quantifiable. The second thing is, when do you want to accomplish that? So now you wanna put a timeline on that, which is vital because your timeline dictates how hard you work. Okay? So you have the, what is it that you want to accomplish to win, and then the third one is why. Why do you want to accomplish that?

[00:01:47] And here's the thing. I'm not real deep. You don't have to go real deep to find your real why. Your why is that thing that gets you moving. So there's five questions we [00:02:00] should ask ourself every morning. The first one is, what is it that I want? The second one is, what and when do I want it? The third is, why do I want it?

[00:02:08] But the fourth question is, what am I willing to do? And the fifth question, and here lies to success. What am I not willing to do? Once you have those five questions in place, that's gonna dictate how hard you work, how hard you wanna work. You see if what you're doing is gonna not get you where you want to go.

[00:02:35] You either have to change where you wanna go, or you have to change how you're going to get. The top box is the hardest box you'll fill out in my coaching business, in my training business. If we can't get those things lined up, then everything we do below that becomes an [00:03:00] obligation, not an opportunity.

[00:03:03] What I wanna do is stop for one second, open this up for any questions or comments or emotional outbursts on what we've accomplished first,

[00:03:18] Curt Mercadante: Joe, I I, I'd like to highlight something. You know, Joe didn't start with the how. Noticed that he didn't start with how you're gonna get there. He started with, what the hell do you wanna do in getting that straight? And you know, Nietzche has a quote without a compelling what and why or with a compelling what and why.

[00:03:36] You can bear almost any how, but until you get that straight and set the how doesn't matter. Because as Joe said, I, I really wanna highlight something Joe said. It's an obligation instead of an opportunity when shit gets rough. If you don't have that compelling, what and why you ain't gonna do it, cuz it's an obligation and you're gonna turn around every time you face it and say, well, this isn't gonna work, this isn't gonna work.

[00:03:59] A [00:04:00] lot of people, and this is where I, this is why I'm highlighting it, they start with the how. How am I gonna do this? How am I gonna do this? What's the tactic, Curt? Should I use video? What should I do on the video? And they have no idea what they want and why they want it. Until you get that solidified, the rest doesn't matter because it's gonna be an obligation.

[00:04:16] And when you hit that wall, You know, you gotta be able to take some punches and if that first part isn't there, taking the punches is an obligation and you're just gonna say, screw this and turn around. So I just really wanted to highlight that.

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