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How smart companies went from "transactional" to relational leadership


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During the past two years, employers have been forced to go beyond merely "checking the box" in training and developing the people on their teams.

How has COVID and the "The Great Resignation" woken up employers to seeing the value of investing in their people and changing the way they lead?

"I think what ended up happening through the COVID is, it accelerated where business was going inevitably," said Rico Peña, president at Peña Global and author of the new book, It's Not Business It's Personal: Strategic Conversations for the Next Gen Leader. "Due to the consumers change on being more friendly to being home, and employees, especially the next generation, wanting to work from home. So COVID accelerated what would've happened maybe five or six years from now."

Peña has over 25 years of experience working with individuals, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies around the world. He is dynamic bilingual consultant, facilitator, author, and business development specialist. He works with executives to define, hire, train, and develop high-performing teams and high-net-worth business models.

"Smart companies, when COVID happened and the (great) resignation, not even the resignation yet, just having to work from home and having that level of uncertainty, is what really started transforming the value of people to business," he added. "It was no longer transactional. It became relational and across all fronts because it happened to everyone at the same time around the globe."

A former Marine and a bestselling author for his first book, The Client Nation Their Perception, Their Profits, Rico has trained, facilitated, and presented on 6 continents and to over 100,000 people in the last 23 years.

Rico's latest book will give you the tools and insights you need to begin your journey as a new leader, on how to understand your team and how to communicate with them effectively. You will start to get a clearer picture of yourself and your natural leadership style. You will see how you are perceived and what to do to connect with anyone on your team with confidence. But best of all you will learn to build trust, motivation, and the resilience of a high-performing team.

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You can listen to the podcast version of this interview on Apple, Spotify, or this audio player:


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