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Holographic health & wellness screenings


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"The part contains the whole." — Jonathan Rickert

Today’s episode is Part One from a recent workshop held in our private Freedom Circle membership group and featuring Jonathan Rickert discussing the power of Holographic Health & Wellness Screenings.

This episode taken from a recent workshop in our Freedom Circle membership group.

Jonathan has been practicing, studying and teaching Yoga, Meditation and breathwork in many forms for over 20 years beginning with a degree focus on Yogic Arts from the University of Rochester under the tutelage of Dr. Douglas Brooks and Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega in 1999. In the following years he was trained in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Neuromeditation, Open Focus, Ayurveda and Mindfulness. He incorporates Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and EPI (electro-photonic imaging) with private clients to personalize lifestyle, meditation and yogic practices.


[00:00:00] Curt Mercadante: Yeah, there are freedom lovers, Curt Mercadante here. This is the freedom media network. Whether you're listening to the audio version on our podcast or watching here on video on freedom, immediate Welcome if you're a first time visitor viewer listener. Welcome for the first time. If you're someone who's returning and have watched or listened before.

[00:00:22] Welcome. Now as you may have heard me talk about, uh, on past episodes, we have something called the freedom circle. Now the freedom circle is our private membership group for men, and we bring incredible guest experts. Like the one you're going to hear from today, Jonathan. Rickard. If you're interested in learning more about the freedom circle, go to freedom media

[00:00:45] Now today's episode is from a recent presentation and workshop in which we had Jonathan come into the freedom circle. Now, Jonathan he'll describe who he is. Today is a yoga instructor, health coach. Biohacker he's also a practitioner [00:01:00] with what's called the new vision, holographic health and wellness scan, which is what today's episode is all about.

[00:01:07] Now, as you're listening along and your. See what Jonathan is sharing on his screen. Go over to freedom media Maybe you're watching this on video. You don't have to follow these instructions, but go on now in our very next episode, we're going to continue with part two of our presentation with Jonathan, and he's going to share some case studies.

[00:01:26] So come on over, watch the video. If you're listening on the audio pod. Now this new vision, a holographic health and wellness scan is based on the holographic principle of the universe. This isn't metaphysical out there stuff. Stephen Hawking wrote about this in his very final paper before he passed away.

[00:01:44] Jonathan talks more about that as well, but you learn about the holographic health and wellness screening. Come over to freedom media We'll have links where you can learn how you can get one for your. Now without [00:02:00] further ado, here's part one of our presentation by Jonathan record on holographic health and wellness screenings.

[00:02:12] Jonathan Rickert: Um, so I just, there's a little bit about me. Um, I have two sites that I basically manage. Kurt mentioned awareness, the This is, um, sort of a learning platform for learning about, uh, the various aspects of awakening. And Kurt mentioned meditation. And I actually, one of the, the other thing that I do with clients.

[00:02:36] Use a technique called neuro meditation, where we actually measure brainwaves in real time. And we match them against, uh, meditators who are long-term meditators in a specific style to achieve specific outcomes because meditation is just such a messy word. We have a lot of messy words. These days it's is defined differently by so [00:03:00] many different people.

[00:03:01] But, uh, basically it's mental training for a specific outcome. Um, and I can talk a lot about that later, but that's one of the things that I do. I do these holographic field scans for people, which, uh, is an iteration on my long standing history as a health coach and a biofield health coach. And, um, what rank occurrent current with that?

[00:03:24] Uh, work as a health coach was, um, a podcast I'd started a years ago called the quantum yoga podcasts that focused on the, the science behind consciousness and how it intersects with, uh, the subtle energy of the body. And so all of that stuff is available for free at awareness. I think there's 60 episodes.

[00:03:46] There's some people on there that you may have heard of like Bruce Lipton, um, was probably the most popular guests, but these are mostly scientists that are, are measuring things in the lab. And, and so that, that was a [00:04:00] big interest for me was how do I, um, how do I make sense of what can be measured? Um, that's not just theoretical and there's a lot that's been done, but it just doesn't fit into the way.

[00:04:13] The world works. It doesn't fit into how, um, our health and healing system exists today. Uh, you know, I imagine curves probably spoken a little bit about this, but, you know, We basically live in a pharmaceuticalized medical establishment and anything that isn't part of that establishment is seen as a threat.

[00:04:36] And so there doesn't mean because people haven't heard of alternatives that alternatives aren't viable, uh, It just is really more of a Testament to how well, uh, the pharmaceutical system has destroyed its competitors. So they're really good at that. Um, but the holographic field system is, uh, is, is really kind of blow my mind.

[00:04:59] [00:05:00] So this is the technology called new vision, and it's based on a couple of physics principles, I'm going to try to succinctly address. So that makes sense because usually what happens when I would do a client session, we do the session and people are blown away by the level of detail that they get. The answers that they get to specific questions or problems or issues, obstacles that they're having.

[00:05:29] Um, and then they go, well, has a work like this is crazy. How does it work? So I'm going to try to address that. How does it work question first? And so Kurt mentioned homography and homography is a pretty longstanding concept at this point. 60 70 years old. And it, um, a great book that he was holding up the holographic universe kind of summarizes the origin story of this holographic field principle.

[00:05:58] But. We're [00:06:00] using that Khalek holographic field principle to scan a person's field. And I'll explain a little bit more about how that works in a second. Um, and then the second thing that it will do is once your field is scanned, it's essentially comparing, uh, your scan against 50,000 data points that it has and its system.

[00:06:21] And those data points range from physical dysfunctions diseases, uh, physiological conditions, body parts that are affected, uh, medications, nutraceuticals, you name it, any type of intervention therapy, but it'll scan the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body. And. Uh, for lack of a better word, the spiritual body, you know, more specifically, it's probably the Astro component of the body, which is like one level subtler than the mental body.

[00:06:54] Um, so it'll scan all that and it will compare those things together and rank [00:07:00] order everything based on resonance. And then the third thing that it can do after this sort of diagnostic component is. If there is a therapy or a solution within the database, we can actually send the information of those of those therapies to a person's hologram.

[00:07:22] And when the hologram receives that information, it's like a piece of code that, uh, Instantly gets absorbed or written into a person's operating system. And the moment that happens, it's mirrored immediately in their physical body because the universe is holographic. And, and I'll explain a little bit more how holography works in the.

[00:07:45] In the next slide, but the history of this device is that, um, about 15 years ago, there was a, a, uh, a few MIT engineers that were working for the tulip industry in the [00:08:00] Netherlands. And is this sounds bizarre, but this is how it came about. And if anybody knows anything about the tool industry, you know, how big that is in the Netherlands and how big it used to be.

[00:08:10] Uh, so they are trying to maximize crop yield and essentially minimize the amount of critters that they are. In the fields as they go through the harvest. So these guys devise this software program, and this is why it's not a hardware device, the software device. And they sent frequencies to the fields, the GPS coordinates of the fields, telling the rabbits and the rodents don't live here and it worked.

[00:08:35] And so, uh, they it's like go live somewhere else and stay away. So that continued on for a number of years and a natural. In the U S when foster, she licensed this technology for, uh, health and wellness. So that's sort of the background of the software, but. In the book, the holographic universe you'll you'll.

[00:08:58] If you were to read that [00:09:00] you really only need to read like the first couple of chapters to kind of get what the principle is. And it was a convergence of Carl work who was a famous neurophysiologist and David Boehme, who was a famous quantum physicist kind of separately, proposed these ideas and then learned about each other's papers and started collaborating on that work.

[00:09:21] And it continued. That collaboration kind of continued. And David Bowman of writing a book about it called wholeness and the implicate order, which is a phenomenal book. Uh, but it's essentially his. You know, Opus work at the end of his life for explaining the integration of the holographic field and how it integrates quantum physics and classical physics together.

[00:09:47] So it's sort of a unity, uh, principle. Uh, but you know, you can see this star wars kind of image right here in the center. And most people think of a hologram is a three dimensional projection and. [00:10:00] And that's true, but that's really sort of the after effect of what a hologram is to actually create a hologram.

[00:10:07] You can see on the bottom right here, you take a laser, you shine it through a beam splitter. It goes in two directions. One of the, one of the beams goes to the object that you want to project. And the other one bounces off a mirror surface. And when they converge on that plate, The, the image gets imprinted onto that plate, but what's the most important component, at least in relationship to the new vision scanner is that.

[00:10:37] That information that's encoded on that holographic plate is essentially you could cut the plate in half. And when you shine the light, the laser light through each half, the whole, the whole hologram will appear on the other side. So you essentially will have to, and it does not matter how many times you slice that plate million times, [00:11:00] 5 million times the smallest, the smallest increment of that plate contains the information of the.

[00:11:07] And that is the most important holographic principle that it is scalable at all levels. So essentially the part contains the whole, and here's a really good example that existed long before the physicist started talking about it in a traditional Chinese medicine and higher beta. If you were to go in for a traditional.

[00:11:29] Uh, consultation. The first thing that they would do is they would look at your tongue. They'd look at your hand, they'd look at it. They'd feel your pulse. They look at your ear, they look at your feet because they understood that the part contains the whole. You can look at the tongue and essentially diagnose a person's health.

[00:11:47] And it's not just physical when they're doing a diagnosis, they're looking at. The emotional body, they're looking at the mental body. And to some extent, some things that are happening in the spiritual domain, you may have had [00:12:00] reflexology on your feet, but you can also have reflexology on your ear. It's called a regular therapy, and there are people that get more from needling on the year than they do with work done on their feet.

[00:12:15] And the same is true with the hand. So this is an example of how the part contains the information of the whole. Um, I talked about how it rank orders, everything through resonance. And so resonance is a commonly used word, but just to be more precise, what we mean in the physics language is that. When an object vibrates strongly, it will vibrate strongly when subjected to vibrations or regular impulses of frequency equal to, or very close to its natural frequency.

[00:12:46] And so I put the parenthesis in here. So an object being you and the vibrations being the test items are the data points that are loaded into the system. When we send a [00:13:00] test item to your hologram, The more strongly it vibrates the higher ranking, a gets in the system. Okay. And I put current instead of natural because, um, people are not static.

[00:13:14] They are dynamic and growing and changing. And so. Who you are now is not who you were last year or even yesterday or next year or further into your life. So in an organic system, the frequencies can change. So the tuning forks are probably the most simple. Easy to understand example of resonance and action.

[00:13:39] You strike a 440 Hertz tuning fork and you hold another one. That's exactly tuned to 440 next to it. And the other one will start to vibrate because that the original frequency is very close to, or exactly the same as the second item. [00:14:00] And the third principle I just wanted to, you know, it for, you know, everyone here is married and probably has experienced this in their own realm.

[00:14:10] If you're in a room without ever saying a word or even looking at your wife, if your wife comes into the room as an isn't a really shitty mood, how many of you have ever had that experience where you can feel it? And it's it's that same tuning fork. And so a lot of people will say, oh, I got a bad vibe from the person.

[00:14:36] You know, you sit across the desk. I just got a bad vibe. That's exactly what Jonathan is talking about here. It's that tuning fork and you match that resonance or, you know, that's why someone can enter a room, be in a really crappy vibe and bring you down because you're going to resonate that second tuning fork, right.

[00:14:53] We'll end up resonating with the first one. So anyways, I always like to bring that back because everyone [00:15:00] has that experience with someone and they'll say bad vibes, bad vibes. And then somehow. Equate that to other things that you might be mentioning. Yeah. Yeah. So Carl Young's, you know, uh, well-known for basically saying that, um, whatever sort of darkness is ref, whatever darkness you see in another person, it being is being reflected back to you about your own darkness.

[00:15:26] Um, so you can't experience something that you don't have the ability to resonate. So it's, it's like not necessarily foreign that like that person, essentially just a mirror to resonate what already exists inside of you. Um, and this is also something that we see when we do scans, like I'll do scan on people and, uh, the, the level of intimacy one person has with another married partner, their longstanding partner, um, you know, the second.

[00:15:57] Sex usually has a deep [00:16:00] intimacy that I'm seeing really crossover into this. Um, and the more bonded, a couple of. The more of that other partners information I'll see in their field. So we w it takes a little bit more time to parse out what is, uh, like mine. If I was going to do scan on myself, what is my wife's?

[00:16:19] Um, and other example is the same thing with kids. I've done a number of scan on kids and kids fields are really, really open and. I, I see stuff in, uh, that comes down from dad. I see stuff that comes down from mom. And so if we're trying to figure out like what's causing this particular illness with a kid, it's like, we have to, we need both kind of mom and dad present is let's go.

[00:16:42] Okay. That's mine. That's mine. That's mine. That's, that's unique to this child. Uh, the third component of what this uses something called psychotronics or radionics, but, um, there is a longstanding, uh, physics organization called the U S [00:17:00] psychotronics association, um, and, uh, And so to the board members, Glen Ryan, and Al capacity, they did an interview with me last month.

[00:17:13] Kurt was actually on that call, um, and they talked about how psychotronics work. So if you want to go, uh, just get a background on that. You can go over to that link. Um, just look for the replays at the spiritual science round table, but. Um, essentially what psychotronics radionics are the, there are these boxes that essentially help tune a person to a target.

[00:17:38] So this is used in healing and agriculture. So I gave you the example of how new vision started its use in ag. But there's always a target. So in that case, the target was a plot of land. Um, but in the healing context, it's usually a picture or a piece of hair because [00:18:00] that picture, or that piece of hair contains the information of the whole person.

[00:18:05] So it's based on, you don't need the entire person present. You just need an aspect of them or piece of them because the universe is hologram. Um, and, and in the traditional way, this works is like the healer kind of uses an intention to heal something, the box tunes, that intention to the target and that person receives the information of healing and that healing exists.

[00:18:33] That healing energy is scalar. And so scalar energy is something that, um, that that word came through. Uh, Nikola Tesla was the first one to coin that word, but this is a subtler energy than electromagnetic fields. It can be measured. People are studying it. People are using scalar energy and devices for healing and other things.

[00:18:57] And Glen is probably [00:19:00] who I mentioned in the last slide is the United States for. Scalar energy expert. He has an independent laboratory. You make scalar devices, he tests scalar devices. So, um, he's essentially figured out that the type of energy that is being sent is scaling. And we need to distinguish between, um, energy and information.

[00:19:22] So information is sort of the blueprint and the energy is the carrier frequency that takes that information to a person.

Curt Mercadante: So thanks for listening and watching everyone. As I mentioned in the intro to this episode, come back in our very next episode for part two of our presentation with Jonathan record, he's going to share some incredible case studies for people who benefit.

[00:19:44] From the new vision, holographic health and wellness scan. Thank you so much for listening for viewing. My name is Kurt Mirka Dante. This is the freedom media network. .


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