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FREEDOM FRIDAY: You become what you believe

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The disempowering physician told my dad the cancer would kill him within six months.

Fortunately, my dad wasn’t listening...

You see, he had other plans.

Two years later, having ignored the death sentence, proved the doctor wrong.

My dad had what the doctor did not — EMPOWERING BELIEF.

In today’s episode, learn why you are not your beliefs, but you become what you believe...


[00:00:00] Hey, there are freedom lovers, Curt Mercadante here. And I have a question for you. Are you a driven man whose life of joy of fulfillment? Life of freedom is blocked by your tension, your stress, your anxiety, your limiting beliefs. Then do me a favor. Do yourself a favor. Take out your smartphone right now.

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[00:00:53] Just like a podcast module's designed to help you create your life of joy, [00:01:00] fulfillment, and freedom, and it's absolutely free. All you gotta do. The only cost to you is taking out your smartphone and texting the word free man to 5, 5, 6, 7, 8. You'll get access to my free freedom lifestyle, audio course.

[00:01:15] Hope you'll take me up on this free offer and begin for free again. Creating designing and living your life of joy, fulfillment, and freedom. And this is the freedom Friday episode. So we're gonna talk about how to build and create and live your life of freedom. We're also gonna talk today about something that we've talked about before, which is your beliefs.

[00:01:40] And I'd like to start off with a little story from about 12 years ago involving my father. You see, he had been having some health issues and went into the doctor, long story short that disempowering. And that's a, a very nice adjective I could use about this physician. The disempowering physician told my dad the cancer would kill him within [00:02:00] six months.

[00:02:01] Fortunately, my dad wasn't listening. At least it seemed. As he wasn't listening. My dad certainly didn't believe the six month death sentence was real. You see, he had other plans. He wanted to see our third child who Roco who's now 11 be born. He wanted to see his niece. My cousin, Emily get married. He wanted to ensure the house was fixed up for my mom and that she had a new safe car.

[00:02:24] Two years later, ignoring that six month death sentence. He had accomplished all of those things because you see, my dad had what that doctor did. Empowering belief I can remember about two years later. So clearly the phone call I had with my dad on Thanksgiving morning, back in 2012, the doctor told me I'm cancer free.

[00:02:46] My dad told me very excited. Obviously we were all excited. He had beaten the cancer, all the things he wanted to accomplish. He accomplished happy Thanksgiving less than two weeks later. My dad was. [00:03:00] Not from the cancer, but from his kidneys being fried by the chemotherapy and radiation, but even in death, he had proved the doctor wrong.

[00:03:08] My dad believed the cancer wouldn't kill him. And he was absolutely correct. You see, from a young age, each of us is programmed into our materialistic society, not materialistic in the sense of consumption of stuff, but rather the notion that everything in our universe is merely physical and material. To be sure some of us attend church faithfully, each work, weak reciting prayers that touch upon the metaphysical.

[00:03:32] But when we return to our quote real lives, we go back to looking at ourselves as mere machines, separate from nature. When we want something, we simply need to push harder. Mindset has come to simply mean hustling grind and action. The notion of belief is seen as woo woo. The idea that each of us is actually the physical manifestation of energy, just like every other physical thing in our universe is relegated to conspiracy land.

[00:03:59] [00:04:00] And so we end up with doctors who can't see past the scans and infect our minds with a notion of six months. Death sentences. We get tech companies and government agencies working together to make us believe that true health comes at the tip of a syringe or the bottom of a pill bottle. We're disempowered with the belief that we are mere machines who need to bury our feelings and ignore our emotions in order to follow the moving walkway of college career retirement death that we're told is the key to life success.

[00:04:27] Where is this getting us? Where is it getting you? Here's a very simple equation. I'd like to share with you for how you attract things, people, and experiences into your life. And if you're a regular listener of this podcast, you've heard it before beliefs, equal thoughts, equal actions, equal results, your beliefs fuel your actions, which fuel your act.

[00:04:47] Sorry, your beliefs fuel your thoughts, which fuel your actions, which fuel your results. But most personal and professional development programs want you to focus simply on your actions, how most things in our materialistic [00:05:00] society want you to just focus on actions because actions are visible actions produce blood, sweat, and tears actions, move objects from point a to point B.

[00:05:10] However, are you taking the right actions that are aligned with what you actually want to attract? What if point B isn't actually where you want to go to use an analogy I've shared a number of times on this podcast. We might wake up and work really hard to rearrange the deck chairs on the ship. But what if our ship is taking on water below deck above deck is where we're programmed to focus because it's easy and it's visible.

[00:05:33] It's the material. But what if you're working really hard to rearrange those deck chairs and you never go below deck, the ship is sinking and you don't even know it, or perhaps you know that it's sinking, but you are just flummox as to why rearranging the deck chairs. Isn't writing the ship. You see your beliefs are below deck.

[00:05:54] They're the foundation. They fuel the thoughts that fuel your actions. My dad's doctor had disempowering [00:06:00] beliefs that fueled thoughts that the end result would be my dad dead of cancer in six months. But that doctor's beliefs, thoughts and words simply could not penetrate the strong hall of my dad's ship.

[00:06:10] My dad's empowering beliefs simply would not let the doctor's words to infect him. And so he proved him wrong. My dad went about life. He was to quote my mentor, Joe peachy. Who's been on this program, dumb and excited. He simply didn't know he was supposed to die in six months. He didn't get the memo. So he went merely long living life and accomplishing what he wanted to accomplish.

[00:06:33] Now let's talk about you. You're smart, your talented, you have charisma. So why are there so many other dumber, less talented, less charismatic people out there doing things you wish you could do. They're building successful businesses, healthy, strong relationships, fulfilled joyful. What's the differe.

[00:06:49] Beliefs. They simply didn't believe the people who said they weren't smart enough. Talented enough were charismatic enough to be successful. They didn't get the memo. They were dumb and excited, but your [00:07:00] beliefs got in your way. You see all the talent skill and charisma in the world, doesn't matter if you've built a wall of limiting beliefs that blocks you from attracting what you want in life actions taken in alignment with empowering beliefs, provide empowering results.

[00:07:16] No matter the talent or skill like wise actions taken in alignment with disempowering beliefs provide disempowering results, no matter the talent or skill. So where do you go from here? Everything. I mean, everything you want in life is on the other side of limiting beliefs, more joy, greater fulfillment, strong relationships, better health prosperity.

[00:07:41] All of it. Perhaps you've been taking many actions and yet not attracting what you want in life because of this. Maybe you feel lazy and motivated, unworthy, guilty, cursed, or worse. You're none of those things. Remember you are not your beliefs, but you become what you [00:08:00] believe. If you wanna begin attracting what you want, you first have to identify the limiting beliefs that are blocking what you want, and then clear and clean them.

[00:08:07] Once you clear and clean them, replace them with empowering beliefs, then align those beliefs with your behaviors to attract what you. This is exactly what we help driven men accomplish through our one-on-one coaching and our beliefs and behaviors workshop. It's time to go below deck. It's time to confront the leaks and plug the holes.

[00:08:29] It's time to identify clear and clean the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from attracting your life of joy, fulfillment, and freedom. And if you are ready to get started, take out your smart phone right now. I already. I already gave you this offer at the very start of this podcast, text the word free man to 5, 5, 6, 7, 8.

[00:08:48] Not only will you get access to our free freedom lifestyle audio course. I will see this text personally, and I will give you a ring. We can have a discussion about how I can help you rediscover your joy, your [00:09:00] fulfillment, and your freedom by identifying clearing and cleaning those limiting beliefs that are preventing you, that are blocking you from attracting what you want in your.

[00:09:12] It's up to you. Thank you so much for listening to the freedom media network. I'm your host, Curt Mercadante have an abundant rest of your day. Thank you.

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