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Are you feeding or starving your marriage?


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"You know, I think it's really easy to forget that we are feeding or starving our marriage on a daily basis. — Ana Gabriel Mann, co-author (with her husband, John David Mann) of The Go-Giver Marriage

This episode is taken from our full discussion with John and Ana, which you can view/listen to here.

Curt Mercadante interviews Ana Gabriel Mann and John David Mann, co-authors of The Go-Giver Marriage: A Little Story about the Five Secrets to Lasting Love.

"So, I think it's really easy to forget that we are feeding or starving our marriage on a daily basis by innuendo, by negative commentary, by forgetting to ever say, thank you," said Ana. "Sometimes I'll be coaching someone individually and I'll say, 'When was the last time that you thanked your husband or your wife?' And believe it or not, people are constantly going ... you can see their eyes are flicking back and forth, trying to think and remember. And a lot of them will say, 'Gosh, I don't know. I don't remember.'"

"So just, minuscule things like taking the time to appreciate somebody once or twice a day, in the most authentic way, can make such remarkable difference in how some people are feeling," she added. "I remember a time with John one day where I just let him know that I'd really appreciated something he had done for me. And he stopped in his tracks and said, 'I have had such a hard day. Thank you for saying that.' It was like, I needed some sense that I wasn't just a pile of crap in that moment. Because he was just feeling bad, he had had a bad day."

For more than a decade, readers of the bestselling Go-Giver series (of which John David Mann is the co-author) have been clamoring for a book on how to apply the philosophy at the heart of The Go-Giver to their personal relationships. From Mann and his wife, Ana Gabriel Mann, a clinically trained therapist, this long-awaited sequel shows readers how to unlock a deeply satisfying, abundant relationship based on simple, everyday acts of generosity.

Ana Gabriel Mann, M.A., holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and dance-movement therapy from Antioch New England, where she specialized in working with adults and family therapy. In addition to her work in family therapy and 5 Secrets marriage coaching, she has served as clinical director for a support program for families caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, co-founded New England’s first college of Chinese medicine, and worked as a corporate consultant, speaker, trainer, and business coach. She is the creator and lead facilitator of the Go-Giver Marriage Coaches training program.

John David Mann is coauthor of more than thirty books, including four New York Times bestsellers and five national bestsellers, including The Go-Giver (coauthored with Bob Burg), which has sold over 1 million copies and won the 2017 Living Now Book Awards Evergreen Medal for its “contributions to positive global change.” He is married to Ana Gabriel Mann and considers himself the luckiest mann in the world.

John and Ana have been dreaming about cowriting "The Go-Giver Marriage" and bringing its message to the world ever since the first draft of John and Bob’s original book came sliding out of his desktop printer in early 2005.

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