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America's 'commodity sick care' system

Rather than a healthcare system, America has a “commodity sick care” system, said Dr. Jason Dean, a doctor of natural health and doctor of chiropractic with a mission to help people get well using food as lifestyle. Dr. Dean also is host of the Revolution Network podcast.

Dean joined Freedom Media Network host Curt Mercadante for an interview on health freedom.

“When I say that a lot of people go, ‘What do you mean by commodity?’” said Dean. “Unfortunately, you're being used. Your body is being used in the pharma world of health as a commodity, meaning there are large price tags put on your body, your head every single day for exactly what you talked about, these comorbidities, whether it's diabetes, heart disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, you name it.”

Dean said this system impacts our personal freedom, with the U.S. “headed towards the $5 trillion mark in what we spend” on health care.

“Freedom is you making a decision,” he said. “So you’re allowed to make your decision, whether it's a physical decision and what you do in life, family decisions, health freedom. Let's talk about health freedom.”

Dean noted the importance of lifestyle on personal health.

He brought the discussion back to the current COVID-19 situation.

“Now, there are genetic points, obviously 2 to 3%, maybe 5% of life is genetics, but the majority of healthcare is lifestyle,” he said. “And so I believe we're supposed to have freedom to do anything you want. If you want to go out and drink a soda or an artificial sweetener or eat donuts every day, guess what? You have the freedom to do that. We live in America. We are free people. We have free will. You should be able to do that.”

Dean added, “However, the people who want to go live a healthy life, who don't want to be vaccinated, don't want to take medication, want to do things naturally, guess what? You should have freedom to do that as well.”

Watch Mercadante’s full interview with Dr. Dean by clicking here.

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