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A more effective way to "crash" your career search?

In this economically turbulent time, a career or job search can be especially challenging.

“Everyone thinks they have to run their job hunt like this soul-sucking process where it’s ‘spray-and-pray.’”

Is it possible to cast aside the traditional job search tools and methods in favor of a new approach, which focuses less on credentials and more on one’s capabilities and personal brand?

A new company is banking on just that approach.

Several years ago, Isaac Morehouse founded Praxis, an apprenticeship startup that’s disrupting the traditional “college-degree-only-approach” to education and careers.

His new startup, Crash, seeks to disrupt the career search industry.

“You’re told it (your career search) is a numbers game,” he told Freedom Media Network Curt Mercadante in a recent interview. “Everyone thinks they have to run their job hunt like this soul-sucking process where it’s ‘spray-and-pray.’”

The Crash platform empowers individuals to develop a targeted audience of “dream” employers and employ a variety of branding techniques to reach those employers.

For example, Morehouse recently shared on Twitter a video from a Crash user. Rather than rely on a simple resume and follow up call, this user sent a creative video to James Clear, author of the blockbuster bestseller, Atomic Habits, laying out the user’s capabilities, passion, and excitement about obtaining an open podcast writer/producer role with Clear.

“If I were James Clear I would absolutely be looking at Joel to fill his writer/producer role. All the right traits,” tweeted Morehouse.

As Morehouse said, “Don't send a resume. Send a customized kickass video pitch.”

As Mercadante and Morehouse discuss in the video above, this approach employs traditional “Branding 101” techniques: Develop a clear vision; craft a compelling story; define your specific customer targets; use the most effective and efficient means to deliver your story to those customer targets.

“You can build a brand that is more valuable than anything you can buy at a university,” said Morehouse. “It’s not about whether or not you have a degree or whether you have these credentials. It’s about realizing that you can be so much more than that. And then you will not only win the opportunities you want, but something amazing happens: You start to build a body of work, you start to create value, and opportunities start to find you.”

Watch the video above to learn more or download the full interview on Freedom Mindset Radio.

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