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20 essential keys to selling


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"I did not get into business to chase money. When you build a business out of weakness, you're going to chase money." — Joe Pici

In today’s episode, sales trainer Joe Pici shares 20 essential keys to selling more of your products or services.

Crowned with the highly coveted ranking of #1 in the world for sales training and keynote speaking by Global Gurus, Joe Pici is a strategist for top professionals and coach specializing in results driven training through Rapport MasteryTM. Since 1992 he has spoken across 4 continents and functioned as a catalyst for corporate teams and individuals, helping them to create purpose, direction and activation.

COO and co-founder of Pici & Pici Inc and host of The Sales Edge podcast, Joe is a human behavior expert, author and intellectual resource behind the best selling book, Sell Naked on the Phone. Joe has expanded this knowledge and coaching expertise into a comprehensive, turn-key system for success in sales.

He has had the honor and responsibility of sharing this methodology as a speaker, trainer and coach for hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies world wide.


[00:00:00] Joe Pici: Here's the thing. We, we just finished our, our three-day sales bootcamp, our three-day business speaking paintbrush. I'm going to talk about. The things that we picked up that can, you can apply. You know, we, we allow 24 people and they come from all different states in the 24, there were 18 different industries and there were entry level to 36 years salty dog veterans in sales.

[00:00:24] But what I did was I do mutilate. Over the course of those three days, the things that were coming out of her mouth that they needed, they knew they needed to have mastery over. So I get them to fill out a sheet before. What are the things you most want to learn to apply to your business? Now there's 20 of them.

[00:00:44] I want you to get out a pad because we're going to do. We're going to give you the 20, and then you're going to do a, an assessment of where you are with these 20. So we're going to start on the left side. The first one. And here's the, here's the [00:01:00] thing you want to ask yourself when I give this to you?

[00:01:02] When we do the assess, do I have mastery over this? Am I executing this and am I getting results from it? So have I mastered this? Do I consistently execute these things? And is it delivering quantifiable results? Number one. Do I have a complete and clear understanding of my product and or service. Now I'm not talking about the benefits here I'm talking about.

[00:01:28] Do I understand my product, the features of my product? That's number one, if I go too fast, you stop me. Number two, you, I have a complete sales process. So if I was sitting across the table from. If I was sitting across the table from Chris and I handed you a pad and a pen, and I said, draw out your sales process.

[00:01:50] I didn't say marketing. I said, sales number three. Do I have a clear defined target [00:02:00] market for each of my products or services? Number four, do I have a tracking? Am I tracking everything and do I have a way to track everything, every aspect of my business and every aspect of the sales process. Number five, do I have concrete clear value propositions for each of my products and services?

[00:02:28] I'm going to go into depth on each of these, but I want, I want to get this complete thing done. First. Number six. Do I have mastery of all communication skills, whether it's Myers-Briggs animals, colors, disc, am I a master communicator? Number seven, is my messaging clear? Am I posting on social media consistently?

[00:02:56] Number eight, do I have concrete [00:03:00] scripts from web when I'm approaching someone? For example, in our bootcamp, we master out scripts. When you're calling someone how to navigate the gatekeeper, how to get returned phone calls. Okay. I have people come from all over the world for that. And on day three, we make live outbound calls.

[00:03:21] We just finished. We made 400 calls. We had a 70% conversion to. We got through 92% of the gatekeepers. We got 47 returned phone calls, same day, and we closed $200,000 worth of hard money. Very tactical, very scripted, very concise. Next, do I have a complete lead generation program? Did Kurt tell you I was very.

[00:03:54] You're not going to get any kumbaya moments. Okay. I can tell you next, [00:04:00] am I consistently making outbound phone calls to book appointments and how many number 11 you might call this a sales meeting. I call them a core story. When I sit down in my initial. And I ended up declining is doing 80% of the talking.

[00:04:21] When I do my discovery, starting th

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