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30 Day Mindful Month Decelerator

Do you want to dissolve the stress that is killing you and impact your mental/emotional/physical health and relationships?

Are you ready to learn how to RELAX into your power?

Our 30 Month Mindful Month Decelerator will help you:

  • Create daily mindfulness habits

  • Become more intentional about what you consume in your mind and your mouth

  • Gain recommendations on how to dissolve your emotional/physical/mental stress

  • Stay accountable to build those habits and behaviors that stick

This program is a "running" virtual program that launches on the 1st day of every month, and includes:

  • Weekly group video sessions with Curt Mercadante

  • Holographic Health & Wellness Scanning on your specific stress and anxiety challenges

  • 1:1 texting access to Curt Mercadante via our private online app

  • Daily accountability texts from Curt Mercadante

Dissolve your stress, raise your consciousness, and relax into your power.

​To learn more, please schedule a personal call with Curt Mercadante:

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