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Module 5 — OutcomesCurt Mercadante
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Listen to the above audio to jump into this module.

Each module will have an audio file (see above) in which I go into more detail on each module, along with some activities for you to follow, along with text to help provide more context. 


What does that mean? 


Well, you know your Vision Statement — that’s the outcome you want for your life.


Now, it’s time to reverse engineer that to create:

  • Yearly Outcomes: These annual objectives should all add up to your life outcome (your vision statement).

  • Monthly Outcomes: Should each add up to your yearly objective.

  • Weekly Outcomes: Adding up to your monthly objective.

  • Daily Outcomes: Adding up to your weekly outcomes.


The key here is plotting the straightest, shortest, simplest line to your desired outcomes.

As Bruce Lee said, “It is not daily increase but daily decrease, hack away the unessential. The closer to the source, the less wastage there is.”

In other words, strip away the B.S. You should get to the point we’re you’re laser focused on just 1-3 daily outcomes that help you win the day. Win 7 days in a row, and you win the week. Win 52 weeks in a row, you win the year. Keep winning years -- and you’ll achieve your winning VISION.

Here’s your activity for this module:


  • Look at your Vision Statement and ask yourself: What key outcomes do I need to achieve by the end of this year to move me toward that vision?

  • Set an outcome for work, and outcome for family, and an outcome for self.

  • So, now you have your outcomes for the year. Begin reverse engineering them all the way to this month. List outcomes for each month, working backwards. What key outcomes each month will add up to your yearly outcomes.

  • Now, reverse engineer even further down to the weekly level. Down to this week. 

  • Then, down to the daily level. What are the outcomes I need to achieve today to move me toward my weekly outcomes?

  • Once you identify your outcomes, identify all the needless, unessential waste in your day.

Laser focus.

Remember: The straightest, shortest, simplest line to your outcomes.

This will keep you focused, productive and, yes, FREE!

Listen to the audio above for more context. 

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