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Module 4 - AlignmentCurt Mercadante
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Listen to the above audio to jump into this module.

Each module will have an audio file (see above) in which I go into more detail on each module, along with some activities for you to follow, along with text to help provide more context. 

Work-life balance is total B.S.

There isn’t work AND life. There’s just LIFE.

And how you spend the time in your life is entirely up to you. 

The key to true freedom and fulfillment is aligning the three facets of your life: WORK-FAMILY-SELF.

So, how do you determine which part of your life is out of alignment and how to fix it? Complete these activities...

The Pizza Pie

Here’s a quick activity to help you determine what areas of your life might be out of alignment:

  • Grab a piece of paper and a pen. In the middle of the piece of paper, draw a big circle. That’s your “pizza pie.”

  • The pie is going to have three slices: One for work, one for family, and one for self.

  • But the size of each slice has to be in direct proportion to the actual time (including anxiety, stress, mindshare) you spend on each facet of your life.

  • Go ahead and draw those slices.

  • When you’re done, look at those slices and reflect.

  • Now, redraw the slices (right over your initial pie), but this time, the size of the slices should be in proportion to how you WANT your life to be.

  • Now look at the difference between the size of the slices. Big difference? Now you know which areas of your life need to be brought into alignment.

And here are two BONUS activities not referenced in the audio portion...

Likes, Loves, Hates

Okay, so now you know which areas to align. 


  • Make a list of things you like. People, activities...whatever. 

  • Then highlight those that you LOVE.

  • Then, make a list of things you HATE.

How much of your day are you spending doing activities in each of the categories above (like, love, hate)? 

Magic Wand

If you had a magic wand and could magically create the perfect life for yourself TOMORROW, what would that look like?


Be aspirational here. 

Now, look at your “alignment” pie, then overlay the things you love/hate, along with the 
“Magic wand” lifestyle you desire.

  • Are you currently doing enough of the things you love to do?

  • Are you currently doing too much of the things you hate to do?

  • How do your “loves” align with your Vision Statement?

  • What’s holding you back from a lifestyle of “loves”?

What exactly does all this mean? Listen to the audio module to find out.

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