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Module 2 - SuperpowersCurt Mercadante
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Listen to the above audio to jump into the first pillar: SUPERPOWERS.

Each module will have an audio file (see above) in which I go into more detail on each module, along with some activities for you to follow, along with text to help provide more context. 

Each of us has innate talents with which we were born.

When we invest in those talents and use them intentionally each day, we turn them into strengths.

The first step is unlocking those talents. You can do so by taking the CliftonStrengths (a.k.a., “StrengthsFinder”) assessment at

After you take that assessment, you can move on to the following activities:

First — Take advantage of the resources provided to you. When you take your assessment, you get access to awesome reports and insights provided to you; by Gallup. These are all extremely valuable resources FOR YOU. Please take advantage of them. Reading those reports will help you as we go along.

Second — there are no good or bad talent themes. They are yours, and there are successful people in every industry and field with varying talent themes.

Third — these are only talent themes. They are your naturally occurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. When you productively apply them, use them intentionally every day, and exercise them like you would exercise a muscle at the gym, they become strengths.

Here are some initial steps to get you more acquainted with your talent themes:

  • Really study the descriptions of each of your talent themes.

  • Watch the video testimonials (available the Web site at which you took the assessment) that shed some more light on each of your talent themes.

  • As you read your reports and the theme descriptions highlight or underline the words or phrases that best describe you or give you that "a-ha" moment.

  • Which of your five Signature Themes do you really “own”? How do these themes help you to be successful in your role?

  • Do any of your Top 5 talent themes surprise you? Why or why not?

  • Describe how your talent themes have helped you to succeed in the past.

  • Can you identify how you use them in your daily life?

  • Share your report with some family or close friends. Ask them these questions:

  • What was their initial reaction to the report?

  • Which theme do they see most in you?

  • What do they see as your greatest talent?

  • Does anything surprise them?

  • How can you start investing in your talents today to turn them into full-blown Superpowers!

  • Start unleashing your superpowers!

What exactly does all this mean? Listen to the audio module to find out.

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