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Module 1 - Freedom IndexCurt Mercadante
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Welcome to the Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle Audio and Email Mini-Course!

Each module will have an audio file (see above) in which I go into more detail on each module, along with some activities for you to follow, along with text to help provide more context. 

If you’re taking this course, you probably have an inkling that you’re lacking the freedom you desire. Even so, you may not be entirely clear what that means, or what it will take to achieve the Freedom Lifestyle.


That’s why I created the Freedom Index. Ten simple statements which, if you consider them honestly, will provide you with a clear view of what and where freedom is lacking in your life.


The Freedom Index statements are laid out below, and you are invited to rate them each on a scale of 1-10, with a 10 meaning you strongly agree with the statement. At the end, you can add up all your numbers, take the average and find your Freedom Index score. 

I expand on each of the below with more context in the audio module above.

1. My days are filled with things I want to do versus things I feel compelled to do.
2. My health and fitness are excellent.
3. My relationship with my spouse/partner/significant other is excellent.
4. I spend enough time investing in myself.
5. I’m fulfilled every single day, not just nights and weekends.
6. My family and I have traveled to at least one place we really want to go (not have to go for work or extended family) in the past year.
7. I have a clearly defined vision for my life.
8. My spouse/partner/significant other and I have at least two dates per month.
9. My job fulfills me.
10. My work, family, and self are in alignment.

Add up your score for each, take the average, and you have your Freedom Index.

What exactly does that mean? Listen to the audio module to find out.

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