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Next Bootcamp Date

Winter/Spring 2022


Length of Time:

7 Weeks - One Hour Per Week

Sessions Held Friday, Noon Eastern 

Learn More:

About the Bootcamp

This is a 7-week virtual bootcamp designed to help you zero out your limiting and bogus beliefs, define your vision for the type of aligned, free, and fulfilled life you want to live, and then create a blueprint for the business that allows you to live that lifestyle.

Sample Agenda

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

  • Your DISC assessment

  • Unlocking your talents

  • If you could not fail...

  • Exploring domains of strength

  • What is your Vision

  • Who do you want to serve?

  • Aim your strengths

  • Unleashing your superpowers

  • Honing your vision

  • Work life balance is B.S.

  • Building your alignment

  • Presenting your vision statement​

  • Your "Why" = Your Clients' 'Why"

  • Radically outcomes-focused

  • Your 12-month outcomes

  • Reverse engineering your outcomes

  • Branding/selling your Freedom Business 101

Session 7

  • Your Freedom Business Blueprint​

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