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What is Ho'oponopono?

Image by Brendan Stephens

What is Ho'oponopono?


“Ho'oponopono is probably the most profound, the most mysterious, the most mystical, the most spiritually empowering tool I've ever come across in my life."

— Dr. Joe Vitale, bestselling author, musician, and star of the movie, The Secret

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian energy clearing practice meant to help you clear and clean subconscious programs, memories, and energy from your system. 

This practice centers on the principle that every individual is responsible for everything happening in the world. This means that whatever happens in our world is not our "fault," but it is our responsibility.

Learn more in this clip featuring Freedom Media Network founder Curt Mercadante, a Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner:




Once the negative energy is released to a state known as the zero state, your life will start getting better. If you enroll to this course and complete it successfully, you will become a certified practitioner and you will be at liberty to practice this technique for professional purposes to help other people. When you learn Ho-oponopono By Dr. Vitale, you will be able to forgive yourself from past actions that you are not proud of. The program will help you rekindle positive energy that is always present in your life and remove negative energy that is holding you back. It is a simple step by step technique that will help you let go of subconscious and conscious memory to help end your problems.









Capnometry provides a direct window into physiology  and allows the client to see how changes in breathing affect changes in CO2 levels, heart-rate, HRV and EMG.


Assessments and training on a capnotrainer are  very effective for modifying sub-par breathing or objectively  determining respiratory fitness improvement gains — those that support  health, performance and well-being. RF training with a simple to use  home-based biofeedback device is typically provided as homework to  shrink the number of captaining sessions required to bring physiology  back into balance.

Capnotraining also measures heart-rate and heart rate variability — providing a window into the health of one’s  cardiovascular fitness. EMG is yet another measurement offered on the  Capnotrainer, allowing (if need be) for the down training of muscle  tension in the head or body. Clinical use of biofeedback has efficacy in  reducing asthma symptoms, tension headaches, anxiety and occasional  migraines.

Benefits of Breathing BioFeedback Assessment and Training Can Include:

  • Improves Breathing Chemistry / Oxygenation

  • Accelerates Respiratory Fitness and Endurance Levels

  • Improves Sleep

  • Decreases Inhaled Pollutants and Chem-trails

  • Reduces Heart and Blood Pressure Issues

  • Reduces Asthma Symptoms

  • Reduces Allergies

  • Reduces Panic and Anxiety

  • Enhances Meditation 

  • Decreases Brain-fog

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